Valedictorians Rap

At Homer High School’s commencement ceremony Monday evening, valedictorians Dylan Faulkner, Katherine Kirsis, Ethan Kizzia, Samuel Reinert and Katie Pitzman brought their classmates to their feet and drew loud cheers and applause for the rap they’d written. Based loosely on a well-known rap song by Jay-Z and Kanye West, the students put their own HHS spin to it.


I grad so hard, I finish everything assigned to me

Colleges want to find me

What’s four long years to a student like me could you please remind me?


Study hard, we get A’s

To get a good job, cause it pays

Got up early every day

Four years, of pain


We walked through the doors freshman year

Short and awkward, full of fear

Seniors didn’t want to hear

Our whiny voices coming near


Site source, cite council, stuco, take your pick

K-Bay, Captains, Red bull, to stay awake


(Grad so hard [quiet])

Sophomore year I can’t tell you much

Skipped some class and ate some lunch

Late for class always losin’ time

Preparing for next year, to take the plunge


(Grad so hard) how’d we end up here?

Standing up, all in front of our peers?

You passed what we passed

The authorities hardly interfered


(Grad so hard [quiet])

Junior year, so faded,

Studying hard for like six days,

APUSH, APCHEM, except for Sam, he’s cray


(Grad so hard) today’s the day, barring some, huge delay,

We finished class, got our grades, Friday was the last day


**Grad so hard, finish everything assigned me


**Grad so hard, finish everything assigned me



Local scholarships I wanna get them allllll

So I went down and patrolled the junior hallllll

There they were, the counselor’s hanging ‘em on the walllll

But no matter, because Caleb got them allllll


(grad so hard)

no more essays, what’d you sayyy?

What’d we order? Graduattteee(tion)

The school’s so coldddd, so’s this sprinnng (ang)

Act like you’ll never be around another high school again.


Senior year, it is done

how many pounds in a metric ton?

Four long years and I’m still not knowin …i’m just sayin…

We didn’t have it right if you ask me,

if I was us I would have not done any AP’s


What’s the curve my teacher?

What’s a foot to a meter?

What are the symptoms of fever?

Tell me what’s in this beaker.


Teacher’s say we’re the smartest,

cuz we graduate the hardest,

Class of ’13 is bomb,

We’re gonna make it the farthest!!!!!!