Walker should reverse SB 21

I find it odd that Gov. Bill Walker is so willing to deplete our state savings when he himself has stated “for the first time in state history, we are making less than zero from a tax meant to compensate Alaska” and “giving away more in tax breaks than we collect is irresponsible, and it’s unsustainable.”

The fact that we are now paying oil companies to extract our oil is a direct result of SB21 and illustrates that the Legislature is in violation of the Alaska State Constitution.  This Legislature needs to be held accountable for this violation, by the FBI if necessary.

This is something that I would expect from the many members of the Legislature that work for Conoco or have direct ties to the oil industry, but I thought more highly of our new governor.

While I agree that cuts need to be made, particularly the positions that were filled by Parnell as he left office, how can he ignore the elephant in the room?

SB21 was wrong for the state.  We were lied to by our Legislature and by our media and the policy of paying oil companies to take our oil has to stop now, not after we deplete our state savings.

Walker should lead the Legislature to reverse this policy of Alaska recieving no revenue for our oil, in fact paying companies to take our oil, or all Alaskans should be on the phone to the FBI pronto.

Jo Kimball