With a little help from friends

On solstice Saturday, a few hundred people came together in Ulmer’s parking lot to celebrate the longest day of the year in a new,  very Homeresque way. They raced beds while wearing pajamas and voted for the “awesome-est cosmic rides” as around the venue local nonprofits hosted pillow fights, towel-snapping battles, and let people take a pie in the face for various reasons. There were colorful vendors, food, dancing “Galaxy Girls,” a lot of tie-dyed stuff — and smiles everywhere. 

Like any first-year event it encountered some bumps as the venue set up, but in the end we rocked it. I’d like to thank Christie Bond-Hill, Tim and Lynn Hibdon, Kenneth Bryant, Kathrine Brennen, Andy Bullock, Amber and Paul Warner, Brittany Williams and the Galaxy Girls, Mike Faraman, Wes Schacht, Eileen Becker, and a special thank you to Scott Ulmer who basically handed this event to Homer in many ways. Thanks to these people and several others who selflessly came together to give Homer a new tradition, this family-friendly community event will reoccur next year and we hope for years to come. 

I do have one request. Videographer Katherine Brennen is making a video record of the first ever “End Of The Road Solstice Celebration” and we need videos and pictures taken of the fun. Please post whatever you have on our Facebook page “Homer Events” or email to: homerevents@gmail.com and you might be in the official event DVD.

Thanks, Homer, for showing your “Cosmic-ality” again …  and trust me, there’s more to come.

Dax Radtke

Homer Events