Without angel’s help, landlord’s requirement forces a move

Without angel’s help, landlord’s

requirement forces a move

To My Dear Friends around Kachemak Bay,

Lindianne’s Music Garden has served Homer for three years now. Spoonguy and I are grateful to the many Homeranians who studied music, rehearsed, and worked on law and justice at these premises.

Recently the Music Garden received an eviction notice from a California landlord who has no idea what it takes to make a living as a part-time music teacher in Homer, Alaska. He requires a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy. I cannot afford a liability insurance policy; hence, eviction.

In the next few weeks, Spoonguy and I will leave Homer, most likely for Anchorage. The Music Garden Press will continue to publish, I’ll continue to make music and write, Spoonguy will continue to carve, we’ll continue to work for truth and justice — but not in Homer, unless a Homer angel comes up with an affordable living/music studio/shop/garden situation.

If you’ve been meaning to visit Spoonguy to get a spoon for your aunt, or visit AJ’s for dinner on a Friday evening and hear Lindianne at the piano, now’s the time.

My piano, a cherry wood Yamaha, is for sale, $2,250. The Alaskan Woodcarver’s Wife, A Tale of Pot, Patriots, Passion and PTSD, is here. Spoonguy and I invite you to our ongoing book signing and studio sale at the Music Garden. Stop by when you see the OPEN sign, dear friends. We also plan a book signing at Homer Bookstore.


Lindianne Sarno