Yesterday was time to act to save Kenai River kings

I have been fishing in Alaska now for over 18 years. My first trip was on the Kenai River. During this time I have seen the number of river “guides” increase exponentially year-over-year, to the point where you can now walk across the river on these boats. My last trip on the Kenai was six years ago … it was a mess. 

 From glutton “dipnetters” to “no-limits-for-our-local-economy” to “commercial-terrorism,” you are now being asked to do your job for the sake of a natural wonder. If I was the “Kenai-King,” it would be simple. Just shut down all fishing in and around the Kenai for five years. Nature will take care of the rest. 

I am not surprised to see these “locals” all upset ….what I hear in all this, is they’re upset because the tourist dollars are declining.  

Time to act was yesterday. In any case, my bet is that you will continue to do nothing. 

Doug Garnhart 

Danville, Calif.