Fish groups should unite for salmon

Finally the most politically, powerful seafood brokerage in the world has West Coast commercial, sport and personal use fishermen right where they want them, tearing at each others’ throats. 

To deny any user group access to any river system under the guise of salmon protection or enhancement can result in only one thing and that is the enhancement of harvest levels of king, silver and chum salmon for American and foreign trawler fleets in the Gulf of Alaska at the up welling.

It is now well past the time for the above user groups to come together and look at the larger picture as to what is the cause of diminishing returns of the above species of salmon to our West Coast streams and move the federal courts to review the record and issue declaratory judgment in regard to the actions of the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.

American-owned trawler fleet packing companies and the politicians who make them rich at the expense of the West Coast king, silver and chum species of salmon that belong, constitutionally, to the commercial, sport and personal use user groups harvested in the rivers of the West Coast. Anything short of this, federal, legal action will soon result in the total loss of the above mentioned species within 20 years, in perpetuity. 

The time is now for the clock has run out on this issue I am sad to say.

John A. Anderson