Classes help those who work at sea

There are some spring learning opportunities for fishermen and deckhands coming up soon.

The first is a three-day deckhand skills class taught through the marine program at the Kenai Peninsula College Kachemak Bay Campus, taught by Anna Borland-Ivy.

Borland-Ivy is a boat owner who has been on the water her whole life, commercial and charter fishing, has a teaching background, and is an Alaska Marine Safety Education Association safety drill instructor.

The class is designed for both beginners and people who want to hone and expand their skills, ages 16 and up.

“It is designed for people who have a job deckhanding or are planning on getting a job deckhanding, adults that are going to be working on boats,” she said.

The class will cover learning a number of knots, how to lash items down on deck, simple splicing, getting prepared to work on deck, dressing for success, basic navigation, and tide comprehension.

There also will be time spent learning how to tie up a boat.

“I’m going to be preparing them for the reality of working on deck, clothing-wise, knives, boots, (personal flotation devices), and we do a whole thing on crew contracts,” she said.

There will be some hands-on learning with electronics, such as how to operate an EPIRB and send out a Mayday.

Borland-Ivy also will use some of her other skill sets.

“Because I am an AMSEA Instuctor we practice lots of cold water safety and survival skills,” she said.

There is no college credit for the course, but KPC issues a certificate to the students who attend the whole class and who complete an extensive check list of skills; previous graduates have gone on to fishing jobs.

The class is April 8, 9 and 15, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Register by noon Friday. Cost is $85. For more information, call 235-7743.

Also coming up this weekend is a Galley Cooking class, a collaboration between the Alaska Marine Conservation Council, Classic Cook and the Alaska Young Fishermen’s Network.

It is taught by Morgan Stewart, who cooks on the R/V Tiglax in the summer.

The class will teach boat cooking tips through four dishes, and includes food, tips and conversations about fishing life.

It takes place Sunday, April 9 at 4 p.m. at Classic Cook on Pioneer Avenue.

For more information and to register, contact Hannah Heimbuch at 299-4018.

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