Letters to the Editor

iPad donations appreciated

Paul Banks Elementary School would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to The Homer Foundation for their donation of iPads through the David & Mary Schroer Fund. Our Pre-K through 2nd grade classrooms have been forever changed through this generous donation.

An iPad opens the doors of education to students of all learning styles. It individualizes learning experiences for kinesthetic, visual and auditory learners and helps create more authentic learning experiences in the classroom. In addition, access to iPads for all students helps build 21st century skills that our children need in order to be successful in a quickly evolving technical world.

Our math and reading centers at Paul Banks have been especially positive impacted by the donation of iPads and educational iPad apps. While small groups of students are building new skills at the teacher table, other small groups of students can access educational apps that allow them practice independently or with a partner. Students reinforce math facts and spelling and phonics rules during independent center times. They record their brainstorming to help them with their writing. They also explore new reading and writing opportunities and work with math manipulatives. They can access adaptive technology and work on independent and collaborative projects that enable higher level learning.

Thanks to the iPad donation from the David & Mary Schroer Fund, the 1st and 2nd graders have learned how to independently take videos of themselves explaining topics they have learned about. They filmed book talks, sharing their excitement about great reads with their classmates, friends, and families. Students were also able to participate in the Paul Banks Naturalist program thanks to the iPad grant. They found plants on nature walks, identified them, researched about them, and then created a video to share the plant with the whole Naturalist Community through the Facebook Page. A future goal is to share their learning with pen pal classes in other parts of the state and country.

Our students and staff at Paul Banks Elementary cannot thank the David & Mary Schroer Fund enough for making the purchase of the iPads possible. It means the world to us that the community recognized the impact these options would have on the kids and their learning. Homer Foundation, your kindness has made a tangible difference to some very grateful teachers and students.


Eric Pederson and the Paul Banks Peanuts Staff

Alaska, RIP

For all things, there is a season. Perhaps it is time for all those who genuinely care for Alaska, truth and justice to rest from our weary efforts to save what is left and wait for the smoke to clear, the ashes to settle, and for all those who are determined, for whatever blind ambition or self-absorbed motivation, to bring it all crashing down, to move on to other locations to continue their destructive ways, as is their want.

It was not enough that the Democrats would not respect the election process and accept the defeat of their ideas. It was not enough for cowardly Republicans to do the same. It was not good enough for Dunleavy, who won a mandate, to fulfill his promises, instead choosing capitulation and vacillation. Instead of getting our spending under control and encouraging increased revenue, we are going to rid ourselves of the cursed Permanent Fund Dividend, deplete the Permanent Fund till its gone, as we have done with the Constitutionla Budget Reserver, increase taxation on our main revenue contributor, oil producers (we tried that already, don’t you remember the result?) until they depart, and, as if that is not enough, we are going to create a lottery. And who, pray tell, will be funding the lottery? It ain’t the wealthy, yo. Our state is being driven off the cliff by self-serving politicians and special-interest groups who lack the capacity to see beyond their collective noses.

So, my friends and neighbors who do love our state and doing what is right, compassionate and just, take heart. Another season is coming, a time to rebuild from the ashes a new Alaska. Perhaps this time we will elect managers who have integrity, honor and humility. Or perhaps the human condition is so screwed up, it is not possible.

Duane Christensen

Let food be medicine

The Hippocratic oath pays homage to Hippocrates, who said “Let your food be your medicine”.

Our diet of adulterated product leaves us vulnerable to disease. White sugar and corn syrup, for example have given rise to obesity, and its accompanying maladies, diabetes, and heart disease.

The institution of medicine is in the business of disease maintenance, not prevention, not even cure. To rely upon it for personal health is irresponsible.

Our health challenge is to become selective in our diet, as difficult as industry is making it.

Let food be your medicine.

Tod Tenhoff

The lipstick on the pig has changed

The belly of the pig is ready to burst, bloated by a toxic stew of greed, pride and deceit, the other pigs in the pen are hungry, wanting just a taste of the stew but hesitant to trike. The stench of ignorance and hatred oozing from the infected wounds of the pig fills the air, and the other pigs become restless. The bandages put in place to stem the flow of poison begin to fall away, allowing pools of a bittersweet cocktail to form wherever the pig ventures.

The other pigs are thirsty. Eager to quench their thirst, they follow the pig and drink the cocktail, rendering them unable to stand, unable to speak, unable to think. They know the time is right to strike, but their efforts are feeble and useless. They too have become nothing more than bloated, drunken pigs, stumbling through the cesspool that is Washington, D.C.

The lipstick on the pig has been replaced by a drunken sneer and it continues to spread its disease wherever it ventures.

Fran Zwonitzer

Thanks for Mason support

Hospice of Homer wishes to extend our warmest thanks to the Kachemak Bay Masonic Club for raising more than $2,400 in support of our mission at their 5th annual Spaghetti Feed Fundraiser, Jan 25, in cooperation with the Homer Elks #2127.

Hospice is deeply grateful to have been selected as the recipient charity again this year. Our appreciation to the Masons, the Elks, and each of the businesses that donated to make this event a success. We are excited to see how the event has grown over the years thanks to the efforts of these wonderful organizations.

Funds will be used to support hospice programs, which include in-home volunteer care and respite, a medical supply loan program, and bereavement support. Thanks to ongoing support from the Homer community and organizations like the Kachemak Bay Masonic Club, our services are offered to all free of charge.

Jessica Golden, Executive Director , Hospice of Homer

KBFPC Sex Trivia Night

It was informative, it was competitive, it was challenging, and it was SO much fun. Twenty two teams of up to six people came out to try their skill at answering queries as far ranging as the reproductive habits of marine life to the title and singer of a teaser of a song. Wes Schact helped spread the word by posting flyers around town. Homer Truffle Co. donated delectable prizes for a winning team. Josh Tobin helped us to organize the event, and his star crew kept the intellectual fires fueled. Our Quiz Creators, and hosts, Xochitl Lopez-Ayala and Emily Munns, kept things rolling and kept us in laughs, and we are so grateful for all the energy and imagination they devoted to the event. The funds raised are going towards our goal of purchasing a large van to allow the transportation of 6th graders to healthy after-school activities at the R.E.C. Room. Thank you to all for your participation and support.

Shay Hoffman and the Members of the Board of Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic