Mike O’Meara cartoon.

Mike O’Meara cartoon.

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Well it has been 9 months since my daughter Anesha “Duffy” Murnane has been abducted; that is 40 weeks or 280 days. That is roughly the time it takes to gestate a human. Duffy took 290 days. She was 10 days late on August 12th 1981. There was just so much joy in that 9 months so much anticipation. The midwife in me was singing. The contrast with this last 9 months – the horror – impossible to describe.

Birth and death are so similar. I have birthed close to 300 babies and deathed an equal number of other people, young and old (Vietnam accounts for most of those). Just a transition. Either in or out. 90% of these transitions were sweet lovely occasions with little stress on the transitioner, but great stress on the family.

Well this family is in great stress. Yes, we miss her terribly we cry daily, we feel in our hearts that she is dead, but we NEED the why? How? Where? We need closure. Somebody knows something. Please speak up and keep your ears open to new information. Thank you for listening. Stay safe on all levels.

Sara Berg

Vote Kelly Cooper for State House

We on the South Peninsula are fortunate Kelly Cooper is seeking to represent us on the independent ticket. We need knowledgeable experienced leadership now.

Kelly just completed her second 3-year term position on the Assembly. Note that the Assembly members recognized Kelly’s outstanding leadership skills when they elected her presiding officer of the Assembly these last three years. They knew from salient observation her ability to get things moving and to get things done equitably and positively.

Governing well requires patience, courage, and willingness to respectfully listen to another’s point of view; it requires the ability to gather and declare the combined wisdom of others. That’s how positive action is brought forward and decisions are made.

I remember well observing Cooper’s stellar leadership skills when I served with her on the Homer Chamber of Commerce in early 2000. Kelly was and is outstanding at understanding organizational process and parliamentary procedure. I witnessed her uncanny ability to bring the group’s thoughts together and then propose a unified means of action acceptable and appreciated by all. This woman knows her stuff in helping the flow of government and people working together.

That Kelly is on an independent ticket speaks volumes in that she is not beholding to anyone’s influence. She will find the best way forward for all involved acknowledging others as valid contributors and not “the enemy or other.”

These last six years serving on the Assembly has provided Cooper with real, right now, knowledge of the current influences and needs immediately relevant in our communities, peninsula and state.

We are indeed fortunate, even privileged, to have someone of her knowledge and caliber willing to serve and lead us at this time.

Karen Cauble, retired Bed and Breakfast owner; past president, Alaska Bed and Breakfast Association; past president and founder of Homer’s Finest Bed & Breakfast Network

The rise of idiocracy

America claims to have the most sophisticated educational institutions in the world — a most sweeping generalization, if I do say so myself. For when I see millions of these schools’ alumni on television protesting, surfing, swimming, sunbathing, bar hopping and hugging each others’ children at the supermarkets, without masks or even some small semblence of social distancing, I am led to believe that any reasonable person, using diligence and discretion, must conclude that the more educated Americans become, the stupider they get …

John A. Anderson, Kenai

Dear Editor,

With the recent spark of George Floyd, it got me thinking about our area, Anchor Point, a small town which has had three killings by police in the last few years. One person was shot while in his auto and a Russian was shot when police were called out to his home. A lady was just shot a few weeks ago. We hear about this when it happens in the newspaper, but never hear about them after — just like they are swept under the rug. They’re investigated by other police and the district attorney, which are all in the Blue Line.

Why is there never an outcome in the paper on the investigation? Why are there no cop cameras on this? We do not know except what the police say. George Floyd and the older person who was pushed down were caught on film. If not that, whould have been done? We know that the old man was pushed down, but the cops said he fell on his own.

We should be informed of the outcome from investigations. Police should have cop cameras or their guns taken away. Don’t make it too easy for them to shoot. Let’s make sure this does not happen again. I hope this does not get me put on the poilice bad list.

Ray Bellamy, 76 years living in area and a business owner.

Dear Homer Emblem Club No. 350,

I am sincerely grateful for being selected as the recipient for the Homer Emblem Club College 2020 Scholarship Award. Thank you all for your kindness and generosity. These scholarships help young people in our community move on to higher education. For me it will make the transition to college this fall easier. I will be using this towards my tuition cost at Valparaiso University.


Abigail Middleton

Homer High School

Class of 2020

Dear Kachemak Board of Realtors,

Thank you for selecting me as one of the recipients for the Kachemak Board of Realtors 2020 scholarship award. I am very grateful for receiving this award, thank you so much for allowing me to continue on to college with your support. I really appreciate your kindness and generous gift!


Abigail Middleton

Homer High School

Class of 2020

Dear Kenai Peninsula Administrator Association,

I am honored to have been selected as the recipient for the Kenai Peninsula Administrator Association scholarship award. Thank you for your generous gift. I would like to give a special thanks to Doug Waclawski at Homer High School for his kindness and recommendation.


Abigail Middleton

Homer High School

Class of 2020

Dear Editor,

I know that a tremendous amount of work has been done to present the Smart Start 2020 plan. And none of it is for naught-it will be useful at some point. But the State and Borough numbers are rising and it is my thought that now is the time to pause. Breath, continue to encourage responsible behavior (masks, social distances, or just flat out staying home) and let some time pass. See what the numbers do. The yellow/medium risk level is just not safe enough. Right now it is just unsafe to hold ANY face to face classes. I see so many signs of not taking precautions, I see many Facebook rants about being forced to wear masks, losing our independence etc. Bar and restaurant parking lots are plenty full down here in Homer. The spit is packed.

We learned a lot about distance learning and teleworking last spring. We can build on that. No one wants our students to be left behind, to not learn. But more importantly, no one wants any of our students and/or staff to be exposed to Covid-19 and its potential devastation because we rushed into opening our schools too soon.

The stakes are too high. Let’s err on the side of caution, not on the side of regret. Wouldn’t be terrific if we all wondered if we had been too cautious?

Janet Bowen

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