Letters to the Editor

Educators can apply for grant

The board of the Educators Professional Development Fund would like to inform all lower Kenai Peninsula educators that we are now accepting grant applications. This fund is designed to assist teachers with professional development. The fund is managed through the Homer Foundation and the application and guidelines are on their website at homerfoundation.org.

The fund has up to $1,000 to grant this period. The application period is open through May 31.

Janet Fink

Hockey Association appreciates city grant

The Kevin Bell Arena and the Homer Hockey Association are grateful for the City of Homer Grants Program administered by the Homer Foundation and the general operating grant we received for our 2020-21 fiscal year.

Recreation is a fundamental activity for every community. Between the months of September and April, the Kevin Bell Arena provides opportunities for children and adults of all ages to engage in activities including hockey, figure skating, curling, broomball, and recreational skating. In addition to the health and social benefits of recreation, the KBA brings in over 2,000 visitors a winter to Homer.

Part of the success of the KBA is the commitment of volunteers who coach our children, clean and maintain our facility and organize our tournaments. The support we receive from the Homer City Council and Homer Foundation is critical to the success of the Kevin Bell Arena.


John Mink, Homer Hockey Association President

Sprout appreciates foundation support

In March 2020, Sprout was awarded funds from the Rasmuson Foundation and The Kleps Fund at The Homer Foundation to complete an IT upgrade of both hardware and software. The timing of this project could not have been better, seeing as we received the funding to do this right as the pandemic and “hunker-down” orders began. Our ability to stay connected not only improved the staff morale through an uncertain time, but also allowed us to continue our services without too many hiccups as we transferred to a virtual service delivery model. This enabled infants and toddlers with disabilities and medical fragility to continue their pediatric therapies without much disruption.

We are so appreciative of the support of the Kleps Fund at the Homer Foundation to ensure that we could stay virtually connected to our clients and serve them now and into the future.

In gratitude,

Jillian Lush, Executive Director, Sprout

Dear Editor,

I am one who let the Donald Trump circus in, for no other reason than Trump policies were better for Alaska. Then came the national disgrace, the invasion of the very symbol of our nation, the U.S. Congress building itself.

I can no longer step mentally aside. President Trump, commander of our armed forces, had an obligation to defend America and this symbol of the United States. Not since the British Army burned the town in 1812 have we faced such shame.

I fully support Sen. Lisa Murkowski. She is a Republican of the Lincoln era; God bless her.

Clem Tillion, Halibut Cove

Flex thankful for foundation support

By now, we are all very familiar with the challenges students, families, and schools have faced over the past year. From remote attendance to fostering engagement, it has been a learning process for everyone involved. Homer Flex would like to recognize the Homer Foundation (specifically the donor advised David and Mary Schroer Fund and the Homer Incentive Fund) for its support during these trying times. Their financial assistance has helped improve Flex’s distance delivery capabilities and make student engagement just a little easier. A new video conferencing platform has allowed students and families to collaborate in real time and have more meaningful classroom interactions. Flex also used funds to supplement the fine arts and social studies curricula. These additional resources helped promote further student success for both remote and in-person learners. In the end, it reminds us how much we appreciate living and working in such a caring community. Thank you.

Christopher Brown, principal and teacher, Homer Flex School

Social media censorship

Dear Editor,

Name one time in human history where those censoring speech and banning books were the “good guys.” Just saying.


Greg Sarber

Dear Editor,

Homer Council on the Arts would like to congratulate all those writers, young and old, who participated in the Kenai Peninsula Writers’ Contest. During this time of social distancing, it was a great avenue for reaching out to connect with others while still staying safe.

Thanks to Tom Bodett, The Homer Bookstore, River City Books in Soldotna, and the Homer Chamber of Commerce for donating cash and certificate prizes.

We had two judges for each category. The entry pieces were coded and emailed to each judge so author names would not be revealed. The judges read the pieces, then conferred with their partner judges. A huge thanks to our judges this year: Kim Fine, De Patch, Lyn Mazlow, Melissa Cloud, Shellie Worsfold, Debi Poore, Mae Remme, Linda Martin, Ann Dixon, Justin Herrman, Nancy Lord, Mercedes Harness, Wendy Erd, Rich Chiappone and Tom Kizzia.

And last but not least, thanks to Sara Banks for our Write ON! logo. We hope you will continue to write, connect, and stay safe.

Kiki Abrahamson, for the board and Staff of Homer Council on the Arts

U.S. Postal Service masks for workers

A very few people have convinced someone that masks should be worn all the time by postal employees. Homer postal employees have not been wearing masks this past year and most do not want to do so. They should not be required to wear masks because of a small group of paranoid people.

Let the people who complained wear an N-95 mask property fitted all day long and see if they have the ability to do so.

The Almighty Center for the Center of Disease Control (CDC) told people not to buy and wear masks in March 2020. Now they are saying that people should wear two of those somewhat ineffective masks. And neither the federal government nor state or city governments provided N-95 masks to the general public or to their own employees.

If businesses wish to require masks in their stores that is their right.

Don Mullikin

Best leadership

Lisa Murkowski’s vote on the second Trump impeachment was an important and needed constitutional move. I was glad that she stayed strong in her conviction and that is honest and true leadership.

I admired Bruce Hendrickson’s letter to the editor two weeks ago. It was a clear and well written description about tyranny and how it develops.

Thank you,

Carole Hamik