Letters to the Editor


Curious: a certain individual in their weekly letter, continues to slam the current President of the United States. This week, he is a desiccated, old man. Then, that certain individual will sign off “respectfully.” Really? Shame on you!

Total lack of respect!


Cynder Navrot

KHLT appreciates city, foundation support

To the Editor;

Kachemak Heritage Land Trust would like to thank the City of Homer for the grant support we received in 2021 as administered through the Homer Foundation. These funds were matched dollar for dollar and were spent on local community collaboration projects throughout the year. We want to thank the City for this important funding opportunity that supports our local non-profits, and for the grant selection committee for their hard work screening and awarding grants. We are honored to be part of our supportive and vibrant community. Thank you, City of Homer!

We appreciate your continued support of our conservation efforts to protect irreplaceable lands for generations to come, especially recreational land we protect that has proven to be especially important during these trying times.

Marie McCarty, Executive Director, Kachemak Heritage Land Trust

Insurrection was a disgrace

Dear Editor:

I hate politics for the most part. It seems to twist everything for a certain point of view. Take for example a letter in last week’s Homer News downplaying the Jan.6 insurrection. “It wasn’t that bad” the writer says. Well, I disagree. Photos and videos of broken windows and doors in the Capitol, people chasing cops up the stairs in the Capitol, and cops killed. Not that bad?

It reminds me of when I was a kid and went through the big 1964 Alaska earthquake, and the next day walking through downtown Anchorage and seeing total wreckage. My dad was a geologist on a crew mapping the damage and took me along. He pointed out where a wall had broken off and killed some people.

Years later, a friend of mine in college said to me “the quake wasn’t that bad, was it?” I had to laugh, although I felt like punching him in the face.

The insurrection was a national disgrace. Period. It was that bad.

Charles Barnwell

Homer Hockey grateful to city, foundation

Dear Editor,

The Kevin Bell Arena and the Homer Hockey Association are grateful for the City of Homer Grants Program administered by the Homer Foundation and the general operating grant we received for our 2021 fiscal year.

Recreation is a fundamental activity for every community. Between the months of September and April, the Kevin Bell Arena provides opportunities for children and adults of all ages to engage in activities including hockey, figure skating, curling, broomball and recreational skating. In addition to the health and social benefits of recreation, the KBA brings in more than 2,000 visitors a winter to Homer.

Part of the success of the KBA is the commitment of volunteers who coach our children, clean and maintain our facility and organize our tournaments. The support we receive from the Homer City Council and Homer Foundation is critical to the success of the Kevin Bell Arena.

John Mink, Homer Hockey Association President

Farmers Market also appreciates city, foundations

Despite the winter wonderland we’re currently living in, the Homer Farmers Market is getting ready to gear up for our 2022 season! Part of preparing for the upcoming year means reflecting on last season: highs, lows, and ways we can provide opportunities for local producers and further strengthen our local food system. We’ll be going over all these pressing questions and more at our annual meeting on Jan. 29 from 12-1:30 pm. This meeting will be held via Zoom — the link can be found at our website, www.homerfarmersmarket.org. For those joining by phone, the presentation will also be available to download on our website on that day. We will be going over financial highlights, EBT/market coin sales and policy updates for the upcoming season.

The Homer Farmers Market had a great 2021 season, which was largely made possible by our generous grantors. The HFM Board and staff would like to sincerely thank the Homer Foundation, the City of Homer, and the Alaska Community Foundation for their generous support of our 2021 season. Through this funding, we were able to replace defunct equipment, as well as enhance food security and expand access to fresh, local foods — both through SNAP matching, as well as an exciting partnership with the Homer Food Pantry! Thank you very much for your organizations’ commitment to expanding local economic activity, and bolstering food security on the Southern Kenai Peninsula.

Lauren Jerew, Homer Farmers Market

Voter rights and keeping the dream alive

In a democracy, the right to vote should not be suppressed. According to Ballotpedia.org, in the United States there are currently 14 states that have no requirements for showing an ID to vote. Of the 32 states that do require some type of ID, 18 require a photo ID and 14 — including Alaska — do not require a photo ID.

Along with being automatically registered to vote when you first file for an Alaska Permanent Fund dividend, which was a ballot initiative approved by voters, in Alaska If you vote at the polls, you must provide either your Alaska Driver’s License, your Alaska State ID, voter registration card, fishing license, military ID, passport or some other form of ID in order to cast your ballot. The election worker can also select they personally know you if you do not have your ID on you. If a person cannot provide one of these forms of ID, they can fill out a Questioned Ballot. If you vote by absentee, you need to write either your voter ID number, Social Security number or date of birth on the request form and have your signature witnessed.

We can disagree about whether voting rights laws are restrictive or too loose, but what we shouldn’t be doing is turning to unlawful or aggressive forcefulness to threaten or manipulate election procedures. Our election officials and workers have been shown to have the utmost integrity. We should not be seeing groups of armed and self-proclaimed militia attacking our democratic institutions and being egged on to do so by certain politicians. The 2020 election was not rigged, and all efforts to prove that it was have been found baseless. Continuing to force the issue is causing great harm.

We had a national holiday Monday, Jan. 17, honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who believed the fight for equal rights, including voter rights, can only be won peacefully. Many still have a dream that can be so. These equal rights are written in our U.S. Constitution, the very Constitution some now seem to be defiantly waving.

Therese Lewandowski and Tim Whip