Letters to the Editor

Congratulations to grant recipients

The Board of the Educators Professional Development Fund administered by the Homer Foundation are pleased to announce the recipients of this year’s grants. Steven Harrison of Kachemak Selo and Jennifer Olson of Paul Banks Elementary will be using their monies for professional development.

Thank you to everyone over the years who has contributed to this fund to make these grants possible for educators on the Southern Peninsula. If you would like to assure the support of future educators in seeking professional development, please consider a contribution to the Educators Professional Development Fund.


Janet Fink, Francie Roberts, Shirlie Gribble, Patti Jay

An exercise in futility

Dear Editor,

The pro-abortion crowd plans a march in Homer to protest the supreme court decision overturning Roe v. Wade. Is there anything more futile than protesting for legal abortion, in a state where it is already legal, and its legality is assured by the state constitution? This march will have no impact locally and is nothing more than virtue signaling. If they want to really do something meaningful, abortion supporters would spend their energy working with legislators in Washington DC to pass a law making abortion legal at the national level. It should be easy since democrats control the house of representatives, senate, and Whitehouse.

The reality is, that abortion supporters have already tried to pass bills legalizing abortion twice this year and both times the bills failed in the US Senate. Even with democrat majorities, and squishy republicans like our own Lisa Murkowski, abortion is such a controversial and divisive subject that it didn’t have the support to become law nationally. Maybe abortion isn’t as popular with the country as the partisans on the left would have you believe.


Greg Sarber

KBBI is grateful for support

Dear Editor,

On behalf of KBBI, I’d like to thank everyone who was involved in bringing Concert on the Lawn back to life last Saturday. We’d hoped to restart the concert in 2020, but you can imagine what happened to those well laid plans. Two years later, we barreled ahead, and now that the concert is concluded, I think it’s safe to call it a success. It would not have been possible, if it hadn’t been for the efforts of staff and volunteers, and supporters of KBBI AM 890. We had a small army of volunteers helping at all positions of the concert, directing traffic and parking, taking tickets, assisting on the stage crew, providing support to our vendors, guarding gates, and much more.

A tremendous thank you to KBBI’s staff, who played a huge role in both planning and delivery of the event, going above and beyond expectations to make sure everything operated as smoothly as possible.

Thank you to Matt Steffy and the City of Homer, John from All Seasons Honda, and Linda and Spencer Elsworth, for loaning generators to keep our vendors powered up.

Thank you to all of the sponsors who provided financial support, or traded services: Fireweed Meadows, Duncan House Diner, Bay Realty, Ashore Water Taxi, Ulmer’s Drug & Hardware, Four Glaciers Inn, Nomar, Homer Uber, Skiff Chicks Custom Design, East End Grog Shop, Salmonfest/Arches for donating festival passes and fencing, Nomad Shelters for providing the band hospitality yurt, and Horizon Satellite for connecting the station’s network to the venue so we were able to broadcast the event live on the air.

Thank you to Justin Cole for providing his big backyard at the Down East Saloon.

Thank you to the bands that performed: KP Brass Band, John Cottingham & Kaelyn Quinn, Jim Maloney & the Farmer Tan String Band; Atz Lee & Nikos Kilcher, Uplift, Bed of Roses, English Bay Band, and Matt Hopper & The Roman Candles.

And finally, thank you to you, concertgoers, supporters of the station, listeners over the air, friends, family, and neighbors, for giving us a reason to put on an event like Concert on the Lawn. The weather was perfect, guests were generous, polite, and kind, smiles were big, hugs lasted for long moments, and the joy was thick enough you could cut it with a butter knife. Thank you for making KBBI such an integral part of our community, and sharing a wonderful day with us.

Josh Krohn, KBBI General Manager