Letters to the Editor

Making America great?

Let’s see if I get this right. It’s OK if the president of the U.S. is immoral and dishonest as long as you get what you want. And this will make America great?

Bumppo Bremicker

Attacking FBI, DOJ is dangerous

Chuck Shumer said he ran into two people after a talk and one said he really liked him and another guy said how much he disliked him. Shumer noted that he knew from what they said which TV news they had been listening to.

If anyone took documents from their workplace that were intended for that company or government agency and refused to return them, those people would likely be arrested.

George Floyd died over a suspected counterfeit $20 bill that someone thought he was trying to pass off. ( that seemed to get lost in the discussion after he got murdered for his suspected infraction).

The guy in New York City was killed in a choke hold for selling individual cigarettes.

Brianna Taylor was shot and killed in her own home by plainclothes police with a no-knock warrant that turned out to be wrong information.

There are plenty of instances where people should question the authorities and how they do their jobs, but the attempt to recover illegally retained documents by the former President is not one of them. He was treated almost with kid gloves as it was.

Attacking the FBI and Department of Justice over this is ridiculous and dangerous.

Michael Murray

The truth always comes out

Dear Editor,

Centers for Disease Control Director Rachel Walensky just admitted what many have long suspected. The CDC is a hot mess of mistakes and incompetence. She said the CDC failed the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is so bad that Walensky is calling for drastic changes in the agency and says it needs a complete reorganization.

Yes, this is the same agency that gave us face masks, lockdowns, Remdesivir and dubious experimental vaccinations. At this point, nothing she says really matters. Rational Americans long ago lost confidence in anything coming from the CDC. The only question now is did the CDC’s reputation die with COVID-19, or from it?


Greg Sarber

Veterans appreciate support

Thank you to all who participated in the Veterans Appreciation Picnic.

The Southern Kenai Peninsula Veterans Appreciation Picnic was held this past Saturday, Aug. 20. The picnic was hosted by the American Legion Auxiliary Unit 16 at the Post. Over 100 veterans and their family members attended the event. We were blessed with sunshine on the day of the picnic with plenty of food and everyone had a great time. Thank you to K-Bay Renegade for the awesome music and to Dayle Allen and Jennifer Colton, representatives from the Kenai VA Clinic.

My thanks goes out to my American Legion family volunteers for all your help: To the Sons of the American Legion (SAL) who manned the grills for the burgers and dogs. To the post members including Commander Ron Brahm who prepared the pulled pork and baked beans. To all the Auxiliary members who helped with food prep, serving, donating desserts, picking up and sorting door prizes and especially for help with clean-up, including the Legion Riders for your assistance at the end of the day. This picnic was successful because of the help and generosity of our entire Homer community.

A special thanks goes out to our local businesses who showed their support for our veterans by donating door prizes for this event including: Alaskan Moonrise Design, Alibi Bar and Café, Alyeska Tire & Auto Service, American Legion Post 16, Art Shop Gallery, Bear Creek Winery, Beluga Lake Lodge, , Caroline’s, Classic Cook, Finn’s Pizza, Homer Axe House, Homer Brewing, Homer News, Homer Paint and Sip, Kharacters, Kachemak-Gear Shed, Lucky Paws Pet Spa, McNeil Canyon Meats, Northern Enterprises Boat Yard Inc., Safeway, Salty Dawg Saloon, Salty Girls, Save-U-More, Sunshine Café and Ulmer’s Drug and Hardware.


Debbie Brahm

SPH Foundation appreciates fundraiser support

Last Thursday, Aug. 18, South Peninsula Hospital Foundation hosted its first signature event, Bounty on the Bay. Tickets sold out, the event was a massive success, however the Foundation could not take credit for that. It was the volunteers, businesses, supporters and donors who made this event a splash!

From the board of trustees and staff, we wish to extend the most profound gratitude to everyone who made this possible. Alyeska Tire was the first organization to offer support, and to sponsor the entire event. We recognize this extraordinary gracious gift, and the confidence it offered us.

We would also like to say thank you to Grog Shop, Grace Ridge Brewery, Homer Brewing Co, Nomar, Homer Council on the Arts, L & R Rentals, Coal Point Seafoods, Kachemak Shellfish Growers Coop, and Mako Water Taxi for their contributions and generosity.

Huge thank you to the Broken Oar for the incredible food and beverages. Lastly, to the volunteers who showed up for planning, who showed up early, who stayed late, you all have gone above and beyond and we appreciate the opportunity to work alongside you. Thank you Christine Kulcheski, Robin Tupper, Kolby Bayless, Nanet Minke, Anna Lewald, Dylan Lewald, Alysia Partridge, Annie Garay, Nicole Reynolds, Stacy Froese, Shari Daugherty, Sarah Rose Borgen, Frani Guttin, Rick Foster, Mike Tupper, Nancy Johnson, Rachael Kincaid, Dr. Christina Tuomi, Jurgen Jensen, and a special thank you to our brave board member, Kelly Cooper, who was stuck in the “Philanthropy Cage” in the rain!

This level of support from the community and the enthusiasm it was celebrated with, even in the rain, moved us profoundly. Once again, we showed that as the tide comes in, we rise together.

Jeffrey Eide, Executive Director, South Peninsula Hospital Foundation

Not all Republicans …

I know I have been critical of the Republican Party. However, this criticism is aimed solely at the far-right, racist and fascist wing.

I believe there must be some moderate, right-thinking Republicans who love this country and do not want to see it become an authoritarian dictatorship.

Now, on the other hand, Democrats also deserve some criticism.

Corporate Democrats have shown by their attention to lobbyists and their love of money and power that it replaces their will to serve the people who elected them.

Now, having said this, I still urge you to vote Blue. Just do a little research and vote intelligently.

D. Stanfield