Letters to the Editor

The reality of climate change

A few years ago, it was almost forbidden to talk openly about the climate crisis. Those who did talk openly about it were activists. Now, however, the reality has sunk in, it has been by and large de-politicized, and you hear it discussed in many circles and in a variety of contexts. It is no longer strange, for instance, to hear federal resource managers talk openly about anthropogenic climate change.

The new discussion we must normalize is de-growth and constriction of the economy. The U.N. data shows that our civilization of 8 billion people has us in 70% ecological overshoot, which is to say that 70% of the natural resources our civilization demands cannot regenerate faster than we are consuming them. In order to reach sustainability, it has been estimated, the First World must reduce its consumption by 95%! It has also been estimated that if everyone alive were to have the standard of living as the average American, it would take five planet Earth’s worth of natural resources to supply the demand.

We must normalize de-growth thinking, anti-capitalist endeavors, and resist pie-in-the-sky, false solutions to our climate and ecological crisis that depend on markets and consumption.

Bjorn Olson


Become a member of the senior center

I would like to let the Homer community know of a great opportunity: to become a member of Homer Senior Citizens Inc. A membership for 55 years and older is $35 a year and enables voting rights and under 55 is $40 a year. Go to the main office at 3935 Svedlund St. to pay your membership fee and receive a membership card.

Please join and enjoy the benefits associated with Homer Senior Center. Take advantage of the activities such as Zumba Gold, Strong Senior Fitness, Games & Cards, Caregiver Support Group. Have lunch at the Silver Lining Café. Become active, volunteer your time and talents, it will enrich your life as well as enriching the lives of the residents.

Save the Date — Annual Members Meeting — Thursday, May 16. Some board seats are up for election and will be voted on at this meeting. We hope to see you there!

Debbie Turkington

Homer Senor Center member

Thank you to the Homer Foundation

When we think about Homer we think about the wonderful people and programs that make our town special!

Our program, Tsunami Softball, is a summer program starting at the end of April that runs through July. It is where young women ages 8-18 develop skills on and off the field. Our goal is to provide an environment that teaches respect, discipline, teamwork, positive self-criticism and an attitude that is willing to confront challenges and work through them. In turn, resulting in confident athletes who have a respect for themselves and others on and off the field.

Speaking of wonderful people and programs we would like to thank The Homer Foundation YAC Grant Program for being a part of our success as we are able to purchase new uniform tops and some pants for our 12u team with their contribution!

If you are interested in playing, helping out or donating to our program please join our team today!

For more info check out our website marinersoftball.net/tsunami-softball/.

Thank You,

Hannah Zook

Making long-lasting change for the better

One person working on his or her own is not as potent as many people working together.

If you’re interested in animal welfare, support the Humane Society or the ASPCA.

If you want to weaken the control of our two-party system, support Open Primaries. That gives independents a voice in choosing our representatives.

If you want to fight corruption and keep democracy, join Common Cause or RepresentUs.

If you care about clean air, water, food and our planet, support Earthjustice or Food and Water Watch or NRDC (National Resources Defense Council).

If you care about civil rights, support the Brennan Center or Public Citizen.

The NDR, National Democratic Redistricting PAC, is working on ending gerrymandering state by state for honest representation. Join them.

We don’t need to overthrow our government and democracy to rid it of corruption. A gradual approach and pressure from the masses can make a more long-lasting change for the better.

A violent revolution will only be met with another violent revolution.

Let’s band together and work together to make things better. It’s not a quick solution, it’s a slow solution, but more certain to get the results we want. We must be patient and determined. A journey of 1,000 miles starts with one step. A thousand people taking one step is more effective than one person taking 1,000 steps. Let’s do our part. The world needs you.

Lela Ryterski