Letters to the Editor

Schroer Fund helps KBBI

KBBI would like to sincerely thank Dave and Beth Schroer for their generous support of KBBI via their Donor-Advised fund at the Homer Foundation. Their gift helps KBBI radio and kbbi.org remain a strong source of news, information, entertainment, emergency services and community engagement. KBBI also thanks the Homer Foundation for administering this and other Donor-Advised funds and grants that benefit our incredible community. They make a big difference to our Nonprofit community and the individuals who work for and benefit from these entities! Regardless of other funding sources, we can turn to this caring community when needed.

On behalf of KBBI’s Board of Directors, Community Advisory Board, staff, and volunteers, I applaud the Schroers for their impactful donation, and encourage all listeners to step up in support of our community radio station.

Thank you,

Alder Snow

KBBI Development Director

Part of my letter to Rep Vance, in support of KBC

I work at Kachemak Bay Campus and have been there for eight years. We will likely close if this budget veto is not overridden. If you think, “no, the budget saved the community campuses,” you are wrong. We cannot exist as an isolated entity without support from UA, and I’m sure that’s the case for most of the remote community campuses.

Today I’m speaking for myself, as someone who loves my job and does not want to lose it. KBC’s staff and faculty are all, to a person, caring and wonderful people who work every day to help our students achieve success. But I’m also speaking for our students. I could tell you countless stories of students who came to us believing they were not capable of accomplishing anything, and they found that all they needed was the right environment and the right encouragement to thrive, which they did.

I’ve gone to every one of our graduation ceremonies since I started working here. Most of our staff do. We go because we are so proud of our students, who took a chance and found that they were up to the challenge of achieving more than they ever thought they could. These people are going to help make Alaska great. Closing down our college will take that opportunity away for many of them, who do not want to, or cannot, move to Anchorage to go to college.

I, and I know I’m not alone, would happily give up a $3,000 PFD if that made these budget cuts unnecessary. I would feel guilty taking that much money from the state, knowing the high cost that comes with it. These budget cuts won’t make Alaska great. Continuing to invest in our future will.

Jenny Rasche

What will Sarah do?

Former Rep. Paul Seaton would give weekly interviews on KBBI, but Rep. Sarah Vance hasn’t.

Paul would give interviews to the local paper, but Sarah hasn’t.

Paul would give the city council updates, but Sarah hasn’t.

Paul would hold numerous town hall meetings; Sarah has done one.

Now Sarah can uphold the vetoes or show courage and override them.

What will Sarah do?

Will Sarah help the people of the state or just go for her PFD? We will have to wait and see.

Dave Lewis

Keeper appreciates tips

We would like to graciously thank Grace Ridge Brewing for generously donating their June tips to Cook Inletkeeper. We have been diligently fighting the Pebble Mine and every dollar allows us to continue fighting. Grace Ridge is a valuable resource for our community and not just for the beer. They host numerous talks, fundraisers and more that benefit of our community and for that we encourage you to stop by and support them. During the month of July all tips will be benefiting the Homer Hockey Association, what are you waiting for?

Thank you, Don and Sherry .

Bridget Maryott, Development Director

Cook Inletkeeper

Governor sends wrong messages in vetoes

Among the messages inferred by the Dunleavy administration in its push for Draconian austerity measures under an alleged rationale of balancing the budget while reinstating the original PFD payout formula, through the series of 182 budgetary line-item vetoes signed by the governor on Friday, June 28, and set to take effect if the Alaska Legislature doesn’t override them, are these: Education is stupid, and has no business being funded by the public sector; public broadcasting is worthless and unimportant to anyone who lives here; impoverished adults do not need dental care; and the elderly or disabled have no right to live in dignity. Anyone engaged in politics who supports such measures might as well campaign under the slogan, “Kill the Poor,” because the ideology of inequity towards those least capable of bearing the burden of these cuts, and who will be most impacted by them, could not be more readily conveyed.

To the legislature, I say simply, very loud and very clear: Override the vetoes. Do whatever it takes, including potentially holding any PFD negotiations hostage, or denying the governor a quorum, to reinstate the budget that you have already approved. Send a message to the governor that he cannot and will not conduct the fiscal policies of this state with the mentality of a bulldozer, hacking his way willy-nilly through the budget like a swashbuckler with a hatchet and a Sawzall, with neither the consent of the Legislature nor those who voted him into office.

A governor who plays this level of hardball must be dealt with adversarially in a like-minded manner.

Carl Church, Anchor Point