Letters to the Editor

Thank you, NOMAR

The Kachemak Bay Campus Student Association wants to thank NOMAR for making a wonderful bean bag for the Learning Resource Center. We chose to shop locally and we are so pleased with the product. Jennifer was so pleasant to work with and met all of our expectations. The bean bag is made of recycled foam and has a washable cover. The students really appreciate the soft place to chill out when studying. We recommend shopping the local businesses and going to NOMAR for anything in the line of bean bags, backpacks, socks, coats or tough winter clothing. Thank you, Kate, for your service.

KBCSA Officers: Cheri Mendez, Keegan Partridge, Mandy Jahanbin, Zoe Cramer; Faculty Advisor: Caroline Venuti

Thanks for Nordic Ski Club support

I am writing on behalf of Kachemak Nordic Ski Club to thank The City of Homer for providing operating funds to the local nonprofit sector of our economy through the Homer Foundation.

KNSC maintains 50 miles of ski trails at three separate trail systems for more than 800 members and others in the local community. The trails attract skiers and racers from around the State of Alaska, and elsewhere. This year, for example, the national-qualifying Besh Cup races will be held at the Lookout Mountain Recreation Area on Jan. 18 and 19. Local hotels and restaurants will see a large increase in business due to this event, which will attract around 200 top-level skiers plus their coaches and families.

KNSC partners with local schools to host after-school programs, ski team workouts and Borough-wide races.

KNSC delivers two popular programs, one for kids and one for adults. The Junior Nordic Program provides low-cost ski rentals to help over 100 local kids ages 5 to 12 socialize with their friends outdoors and learn to ski. The Homer Nordic Program provides regular lessons and training to approximately 40 adults who are interested in increasing their fitness and honing their ski skills.

Moreover, the local trails are a necessary boost to the health and well-being for many who simply enjoying getting outdoors and exercising during the brief daylight hours of our long winters.

Thanks again to the City of Homer and the Homer Foundation for providing and administering funding to the local non-profits that make Homer such a great place to live.


Mike Gracz, President, Kachemak Nordic Ski Club

Thanks for a spectacular Nutcracker Ballet

This is just a small thank you to all those who gave us this year’s Homer Nutcracker Ballet 2019. The performance was absolutely spectacular. We would like to congratulate our 11-year-old granddaughter, Laney Martushev, for the beautiful design she entered in the contest for the Nutcracker poster which is also the front cover of the program. It is wonderful, Laney.

We also congratulate our other granddaughter, Tiya Martushev, 13-years-old, for her design that won the T-shirt contest. Beautiful job, Tiya. The T-shirt is a great addition to this year’s Nutcracker experience. This year’s show is better than the last.

This is due to the fantastic people who work endless hours so we can enjoy the show. Again, thank you all on-stage and behind the scenes.


Grandpa and Grandma Nelson, Jim and Bonnie Nelson

Concerning the Dunleavy recall

It never ceases to amaze me how many folks are confused about how our system of governance works — an indication of just how broke our “education” system is. I was reminded of this the other day when I observed a small group of citizens standing on the sidewalk with a sign that read “save alaska, recall Dunleavy.” Saving Alaska is precisely why we voted for Mike Dunleavy.

So, here is how this works: we are blessed beyond compare to be fortunate enough to live in so great a nation that provides such a great political process, a democratic republic, that allows for the peaceful transition of power through an election process of we the people. Just as a reminder, we held an election here in this awesome state of Alaska last year, just as we have been doing since 1959. We the people had clear choices to choose from.

By a wide margin, the candidate chosen by we the people was Dunleavy. Dunleavy ran a campaign based on several fundamental propositions, one of which was the restoration of the Permanent Fund Dividend, another was on balancing our annual budget and getting our state spending trimmed to a sustainable level that reflects our annual revenue. He won based on that campaign. As a result of him winning on that basis, because he just happens to be a person of integrity, unlike many in our state house and senate, he is in the process of fulfilling those campaign promises. It is reasonable to assume that he would take action commensurate with his promises.

It is alarming how many just cannot accept election results, that there remains a large contingent who adhere to their ideology, refuse to join their agenda, and reject their heavy-handed elitist efforts to subvert our independent liberty-minded choices.

If you don’t like the way the election turned out, use facts, logic and reason to sway we the people to your way of thinking so the next election may go the way you want it to. Otherwise, stop wasting our time and yours with this nonsensical silliness.

Merry Christmas,

Duane Christensen

Make America Great Again

Marianne Williamson said, “We can’t be great if we’re not good.”

Lela Ryterski

Murnane family thanks town for support

I am Tanya Berg Tandias, stepsister of Anesha “Duffy” Murnane who has been missing from Homer for the past two months. I arrived in town last week from Madison, Wisconsin, to offer support and help to my stepmom, Sara Berg, and father, Ed Berg. I am having a horribly difficult time imagining that Duffy could disappear from this beautiful town of Homer.

I have known Duffy since she was a small child and remember her first as the cute toddler with the chubby red cheeks. I don’t understand how anyone could hurt someone as sweet and kind as Duffy, and am hoping and praying that a resolution to this situation will present itself soon. The heartbreak and stress of Duffy’s disappearance has been crushing for all of us involved, and in particular for her mother who has lost her baby. This is the ultimate nightmare for parents.

I also want to thank the town of Homer for your support of Sara and my dad, Ed. It has been such a comfort for me, living far away in Wisconsin, knowing that they have been well-cared for and are loved. During my visit here I’ve been so impressed by acts of kindness from community members who don’t even know Duffy, but who are doing everything in their power to help. The internet Meal Train that was organized gives the family something to look forward to and helps ease the stress of daily life. Such a gift and blessing. Thank you Homer.

Please keep up the diligent search for this wonderful woman.


Tanya Berg Tandias, Madison, Wisconsin

Fireweed Frescoes gives thanks

Dear Editor,

Lively music filled the air as folks and families piled into K-Bay Caffe to enjoy the tunes of the Fireweed Frescoes and Burnt Down House. Hot chocolates and coffees were sipped, croissants and other baked treats nibbled and good cheer abounded.

For Fireweed Frescoes there was lots to be thankful for on this lovely Saturday afternoon. Happily immersed in our second year as an ensemble music program in Homer, we were grateful to enjoy time together with family and friends and make joyful music.

Fireweed Frescoes would like to do a big shout out to Michael McGuire for the wonderful space and the crew at K-Bay for keeping the crowd fed and happy. Hats off to Katie Klann and the band members of Burnt Down House for their lively tunes and good energy. Their generosity to our music program continues to inspire and delight us all. Gabriela Husmann’s beautiful piano accompaniment rounded out the sound as the Fireweed Frescoes kids filled the stage and the café with their new ensemble music.

Finally, to Homer OPUS, thank you for supporting Fireweed Frescoes. As the members of Frescoes and Burnt Down House packed the small stage with smiling musicians of all ages, Homer OPUS’s vision was brought into clear focus… we truly are a stronger community when we create music together.

Kim Fine

For Fireweed Frescoes