Point of View: Children, education, obligation

Our children and the future children of Alaskans must always be the priority and first in our education concerns

This is a perspective on the debate about funding our Alaska education system, not as a politician, but as a parent, a lifelong Alaskan and a person looking at the future of our great state.

There is now a debate about how much funding we should spend on educating our children. Many of the arguments and debates circle around political lines and a variety of concerns that forget a simple part of the equation: “It should and must be about the children.”

Politicians find money for all kinds of special interest projects! It’s called “pork barrel legislation.”

Please! Stop! Wait! and put our children first!

Our children and the future children of Alaskans must always be the priority and first in our education concerns. The Alaska constitution requires that we fund our public education system. It does not say “maybe, a little bit or make it an option.” But it does say “Fund.”

We are the largest state in the union, with the most dispersed population and we owe it to our children to provide them an education and giving them a future education is not a special interest, it is our obligation!

We have the fabric of a great education system in place. From our public schools, our charter schools and robust home-school network, Alaska has the infrastructure we need to honor the obligation to educate our children.

Put aside political differences, plan and protect our children’s education and future. Think about it! At home, our children come first, why not in our plans for their future education in the school system?

We all remember the saying “No child left behind.” Well, time for all Alaskans and the Alaska legislators to embrace the same emotion!

Our children are our future; I encourage you to support those who understand and support our children. Funding our school system is not drain, it is an investment in Alaska’s future.

Children first, it’s not that difficult!

Dawson Slaughter is president of the Anchor Point Chamber of Commerce and a candidate for State House District 6. Reach him at Slaughterdawson1@gmail.com, 907-299-4775.