Point of View: Vote Carey for borough mayor

I know the responsibilities and obligations of being borough mayor

We live in the best country in the world, in the best State, and in the best part of that state. But, our government has failed to handle the COVID Crisis and the educational crisis we face. We experience vast overtaxing by government and an unrestricted increase in property assessments. The government’s reach into the taxpayer’s pockets has no limit as long as we elect leaders who believe they know more than the people.

It is time to reverse the pandemic of mediocrity. It is time for government to again trust the will of the voting public and serve the people instead of expecting the public to obey and accept the overreach of government. We must recommit ourselves to American exceptionalism and the words of the Pledge of Allegiance- “Indivisible, One Nation under God, with Liberty and Justice for All.”

There is no greater example of the distrust by Borough government leaders than the issue of Sales Tax on Food. Borough residents have repeatedly used the petition process to put the issue of removing Borough Sales Tax on Food on the ballot. It has passed every time. As soon as legally allowed, the Borough has overturned the people’s vote and reimposed Sales Tax on Food. Government will never believe they have enough taxpayer’s money.

Sales Tax on food is most harmful to middle and low income people. For those on fixed incomes and especially, single parents with children, sales tax is almost punitive. Government should not punish people for eating.

My family arrived in the Sterling/Soldotna area when I was a Fourth Grader. I’m a proud Kenai Central graduate. As the Borough grew, we were promised schools would educate ALL students to be productive members of society.

Education is the highest Borough expense. Borough residents proudly support education regarding reading, writing and math but cell phones need to be removed from classrooms so that students learn analytical thinking. Many of our students cannot make change and they cannot read or write longhand. We need full parental oversight for discussion of gender identity in our primary and elementary schools. Parents should be the primary teachers of adolescents on sexuality.

Today, our high school curriculum focuses on those going to college and does not include the education offered locally. We need many more Vocational/Work Force Development classes available. We need to cooperate with the huge educational resources we have with the Seward Vocational Technical Center, the Kachemak Bay Campus and the Kenai River Campus.

Because of false pride, there is a great and diverse wealth of knowledge and skills in our communities that we are not using. Those running local businesses and commercial enterprises can be exceptional teachers and role models with students. Knowledge regarding Health Care, Tourism, Petrochemical, Construction, Martial Arts, Technology and the Service Sector should be embraced. Through technology, community opportunities could be offered to our small rural schools that are now ignored.

Most of our kids don’t go to college. Going to college is NOT the essential measure of worth. Common sense, compassion, courtesy is more important than a degree. Secular humanism is not a virtue. Moral curriculum will keep more students in school, lessen misconduct and assist in developing a healthy work ethic. Most importantly, we should love EVERY kid.

I have served three terms on the Assembly and as Borough Mayor. I know the responsibilities and obligations of being Borough Mayor. We need to erase the Pandemic of Mediocrity, eliminate Sales Tax on Food, improve Educational Opportunities for ALL Students, and promote American Exceptionalism.

Please, Vote Carey!