eCoverly Reviews – Legit Cloud-based Software for Animated eCovers or Fake Hype?

Billions of people sell and buy using the online platform. Any high-performing business must adopt new tactics to attract online and offline customers. Some ads and products naturally attract consumers, increasing sales and profits.

Numerous software and applications can boost your advertising skills. Some are done for you and are easy to use. Others are complicated and expensive.

eCoverly is a revolutionary cloud-based software designed to help anyone create 2D and 3D ecovers in minutes. What makes the software unique? Which business can benefit from using the product? The review below reveals everything you need to know before acquiring the software.

Brand Overview

Name eCoverly Cloud-based Software
Creator Adeel Chowdhry
Purpose ECoverly helps you create stunning 3D and 2D ecovers quickly and without hassle
  • The eCoverly software can boost your sales by over 451%
  • You can create and customize your designs without any help
  • ECoverly is user-centric and has an intuitive interface
  • Step-by-step tutorials
  • Watermark engine
  • Music layer
  • Simple dashboard
  • HD Graphics
  • It comes with affordable pricing
  • Cons
  • You can only purchase eCoverly software through the official website only
  • Users will need a stable and reliable internet connection to use eCoverly
  • Pricing eCoverly comes with payment plan options
    Availability ECoverly is available online exclusively through the official website for a one-time payment of $67.00
    Money-back Guarantee 30-day money-back guarantee

    What is eCoverly?

    eCoverly is a digital program that can help you design and create professional 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional ecovers for your business. It has numerous editing tools, done-for-you templates, and images to help you customize ecovers regardless of your experience.

    Creators of digital products, including online courses, membership sites, box sets, podcasts, and eBooks, can use eCoverly to make the products stand out and attract more attention. Studies show that using an eye-catching cover can skyrocket your sales and profits. ECoverly makers claim that stunning designs can easily convert browsers into buyers.

    Animated ecovers have gained popularity over the years. With most businesses competing for customers, it is vital to use innovative marketing strategies to lure browsers into buying. Creating quality animated ecovers is expensive and time-consuming. Also, some ecovers are too bland and may not work as intended.

    ECoverly is a unique and user-centric software that helps you design and personalize covers within two minutes. It is marketed as a low-cost and better alternative to grow your business. eCoverly uses a scientific approach to create exciting, fun, and attention-grabbing designs. Customers can expect an increase in sales and downloads by up to 451%.

    How Does eCoverly Work?

    ECoverly eliminates the need to use Photoshop, hire animators, or learn extensive animation skills. The cloud-based software helps you to design and create never-seen-before-animated ecovers to ensure your sales remain elevated. eCoverly is compatible with Chrome, Windows, and Mac OS.

    ECoverly promises to develop the right hypnotic balance that guarantees individuals will click on the purchase button.

    ECoverly provides numerous features and benefits compared to the competition. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface suiting a wide range of users. You can create professional-looking ecovers regardless of your experience in design. eCoverly comes with valuable tutorials and support to ensure consumers get the most out of the platform.

    Experience the magic of 3D ecovers with eCoverly!

    eCoverly Features

    eCoverly is an innovative software that offers multiple features and benefits. What makes it unique?

    Intuitive Interface: eCoverly is user-centric, featuring an intuitive interface. According to the developers, anyone can navigate and use the software regardless of their tech skills. The product comes with multiple templates to suit your needs and niche. The tutorials and support team ensure you get the best experience when using eCoverly.

    Drag and Drop Design: the drag and drop technology is user-centric. It allows you to move objects and drop them anywhere you desire. You can use the feature to resize images, add and edit text, recolor images, and add image effects, among other features. eCoverly claims the drag-and-drop feature is so easy that even a five-year-old child can use it.

    Image Library: eCoverly provides numerous images that you can use to make your cover unique. It eliminates the need to invest in stock photos. The software also allows you to upload your images and GIFs, use web stock images, clip art, and shapes, and enjoy the massive variety of royalty-free images. The image editor is easy to use, allowing you to customize your ecover in minutes.

    Integration with IconFinder and PixaBay: eCoverly allows the users to add pictures from ShutterStock, PixaBay, and Icon Finder without leaving the app or conducting extensive search.

    HD Graphics: eCoverly allows you to create high-definition ecovers that you can scale quickly. It prevents your images and other content on the e-cover from becoming blurry.

    Built-In Music: eCoverly is a fun software that allows users to design and listen to the extraordinary music that comes with the software.

    Watermark Engine: The engine is for animation experts creating the ecover for clients. It gives you time to receive payment before unlocking the final version to the clients.

    Customization: eCoverly allows you to personalize your ecover. You can make many changes to the ecover, including fonts, colors, text, and overall layout. Consequently, you can design and publish a unique 2D or 3D cover reflecting your style. eCoverly has a revision feature allowing the users to make changes on the ecovers when necessary.

    Affordability: eCoverly eliminates the use of professional animators or Photoshop tools. The software offers customers several pricing plan options to suit their needs. Consumers can purchase individual ecovers or credits to use on a per/cover basis. Also, eCoverly allows users to create unlimited ecovers with no extra charges.

    Professional Ecovers: eCoverly promises to help you create professional ecovers for products. The software has 250+ pre-made ecover templates and 40+ animated ecover templates that increase sales significantly. Customers can choose from the many product models to create ecovers tailored to their unique needs.

    Time-Saving: eCoverly can save the business time, leading to more savings. The cloud-based software allows the users to develop static and animated covers in minutes. You require zero design expertise to use the ecover software.

    Systematic Tutorials: The software has simple tutorials guaranteeing you are using the product optimally.

    Want eye-catching ecovers? Try eCoverly today!

    Benefits of eCoverly

    ECoverly helps you in creating captivating ecovers, enabling you to stand out from the crowd (competition)

    • The 3D and 2D ecovers can amplify your sales by up to 451%
    • It can help stop scrollers and browsers in the newsfeed
    • ECoverly can help you get more clicks
    • It can help bloggers and content creators to develop viral shares and free traffic.
    • You can use the covers to impress your friends and family
    • The software facilitates bringing your covers to life.

    How to Create 3D and 2D Animated Ecovers Using eCoverly

    Step One: Choose Template

    eCoverly contains tons of 3-dimensional and 2-dimensional templates from various niches. You can opt for a template that matches your business and style.

    Step Two: Customization

    eCoverly stands out from the competition by allowing the animators to customize their 2D and 3D animations. You can edit the images from the royalty-free library or upload your unique GIF animations. Additionally, you can change the font and edit the text as you desire.

    Step Three: Publishing

    After customization, it takes a few moments to download your animated ecover. The 2D and 3D covers are ideal for your emails, blogs, landing pages, funnels, websites, sales pages, and social media.

    eCoverly: Your solution for professional ecovers awaits!

    Who Can Use eCoverly?

    ECoverly is a versatile software suiting a wide range of users. The ecover maker is ideal for:

    • Novice affiliate marketers looking for user-friendly software
    • Seasoned bloggers and affiliate marketers
    • Local businesses looking to stand out on the online platform
    • Content and social media marketers seeking to create more captivating content
    • Any person looking to benefit more from affiliate marketing
    • E-commerce business owners looking for that extra edge

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. What is inside eCoverly?

    A. Customers get 40 animated ecover 3D templates, 250 ecover 2D templates, and 20 ecover 3D models, among other tools.

    Q. How do eCoverly products boost sales?

    A. eCoverly aids in developing attractive animated and eye-catching ecovers, which can transform individuals that are browsing into buyers.

    Q. What digital products can benefit from eCoverly?

    A. The software helps you create ecovers for your eBooks, manuals, courses, cheat sheets, reports, memberships, templates, printable templates, coaching programs, laptops, membership cards, checklists, flyers, magazines, and more.

    Pricing for eCoverly

    Customers can acquire the eCoverly software through the official website for $67.00. Different payment plans and offers are available depending on your needs. The eCoverly creators offer customers additional optional products to add to their orders on the checkout page on the official website. These are:

    • eCoverly Care Plus+ Get priority VIP technical support Mon to Sun 24/7 $9.00
    • 60 More Templates (Most Popular) Add 10 more animated and 50 static templates $37.00
    • eCoverly Masterclass Comprehensive Training that makes you a Jedi $57.00

    eCoverly Bonuses include:

    • Commercial License: You can opt for a commercial or personal license to create captivating 2D or 3D animated ecovers for your business or clients within minutes. The commercial license lets you create quality HD ecovers quickly and without hassles.
    • Agency Website: eCoverly offers a professional agency website, including a prefilled portfolio to help you engage with your clients promptly.
    • Client Portal: eCoverly allows you to share our designs and receive feedback from your client via your dashboard.
    • Satisfaction Guarantee: The developer of eCoverly software promises to refund you if you find the product unsatisfactory. Customers have 30 days to try the software.

    eCoverly Customer Reviews

    Several customers and professionals posted 5-star reviews on the official website, showing many positive experiences using the animated covers:

    • I SAVED A FORTUNE & SO MUCH TIME! “I needed a bunch of ecovers for my digital products to sell. eCoverly saved me a fortune with amazing looking animated ecovers that I made all by myself!” Kya Emerson
    • OMG, MY SALES INCREASED OVERNIGHT! “I can’t believe how my sales and conversions tripled by just replacing the old boring 2D ecovers with the new style animated 3D ones. Thank you eCoverly!” Isla Vinson
    • FREAKIN’ OUTTA THIS WORLD! “I love how easy it is to make animated ecovers with these templates, and the shock on my customers’ faces when they see them! The support is

      fantastic.” Leo Reeves

    • Yesterday I saw something on Twitter that blew my mind: a book cover with pieces that were moving around. It was amazing.” CreativeIndieLovers
    • “With animated covers, your products will jump off the screen, engaging people and immersing them in your world. They’ll be more excited to buy your products. It helps set you apart from stagnant images on social media, too. We love movement, so add some movement to your cover and sell more books.” Will O’Shire Self Publishing Expert

    Money Back Guarantee

    eCoverly offers its customers a money-back guarantee of 30 days. Customers can reach customer service for order or product support at:

    • Product Support: https://support.ecoverly.com/
    • Order Support: https://www.clkbank.com/#!/


    ECoverly is a breakthrough technology cloud-based software ideal for anyone developing professional ecovers for digital products. It is 100% customizable, user-centric, and affordable. The cloud-based software uses simulated intelligence innovation to create eye-catching 2D and 3D ecover regardless of your skills. You can use eCoverly for CD covers, programming, digital books and covers, reports, and online courses, among other digital products.

    Transform your digital products with eCoverly now!


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