Nooro Foot Massager Reviews – Is It Legit? Honest Customer Warning

Nooro Foot Massager – For Giving Relief to Tired and Aching Feet Easily

Pain can occur in many parts of your body, but foot pain can be quite annoying. A lot of people cope with pain in their feet after a tiring day. Of course, foot pain is caused by other things, such as walking a long distance in uncomfortable or tight footwear or standing in a place for a long time. You need to use a suitable process or device to get quick and effective relief from foot pain.

The conventional measures for foot pain and their limitations

People coping with pain in their feet resort to many common methods to get relief. These are:

  • Applying various pain gels, sprays or balms to the feet.
  • Soaking the feet in hot and cold water.
  • Applying towel soaked in hot water on feet.
  • Taking medications to reduce aches or pain in the feet.

These measures often bring temporary relief from foot pain, and they can be cumbersome as well. Do you feel like heating up water every time your foot pain strikes? After a hard day at work, pain in the foot can be menacing, and you seek a quick and simple solution. This is where this Massager works very well.

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What is Nooro Massager?

This Foot Massager is a powerful and unique device designed to offer quick and lasting relief from foot pain. It works on NMES technology. It is a portable device that can be used at home, or you can put it in your bag while touring as well. It works on the foot nerves and exposes them to gentle electrical impulses. This stimulates affected muscles and nerves, eliminating the sensation of pain. The EMS foot massager creates precise waveforms, and it is safe to use. You get the benefit of artificial yet therapeutic massage.

A look at its impressive feature set

Do not think of this Nooro Massager as a conventional massaging device. It has a lot of classy features.

  • There are some Pre-programmed Settings to control massage intensity.
  • The EMS footpad is foldable.
  • The setting up process is not complicated, and a setup guide is there.
  • It can be charged easily through USB ports.
  • A Habit tracker is also there.
  • The rechargeable battery, once charged, can be used several times.

While most users will find the pre-programmed settings in this foot massage device adequate for their usage, you can also use its innovative self-massage feature. In this process, all you need to do is to put your feet on the mat.

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The benefits of using the Massager

Compared to other methods to alleviate foot pain, the Nooro Massager offers useful benefits.

Simplicity of usage- The device is ideal for all types of users experiencing foot pain. You need not be tech-savvy to utilize its feature set. The company packs in a setup guide, and users find it simple. This makes it especially suited for elderly people who are not comfortable using gadgets with high-end features.

Notable health benefits- By using this amazing foot massager, you get quick and effective relief from foot pain. Besides, it helps improve blood circulation to the feet area. This, in turn, helps you get rid of various other health issues. It is useful for athletes and sportspersons who deal with muscle fatigue and strain quite often.

Safer method– The unique EMS foot massager is ideal for people who want a safe method for alleviating foot pain. Those who dislike the usage of OTC sprays and gels can try this device. The technology used in it is safe, and you need not worry about the impulses causing your nerves and cells any discomfort.

Cost-saving- Once you start using the device, there will hardly be any need to spend on other pain-relieving products. You may need to visit doctors fewer times a year for foot pain.

Flexible and portable device- This device can be used almost anywhere- owing to its portable build. Fold it up when you want. Both the storage and usage need little space.

Low noise- Unlike some commercial foot massagers, this EMS foot massager is nearly silent. It will not disrupt the sleeping pattern of your family members if you want to run it at night!

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The usage procedure

  • Using this Foot Massager is uncomplicated. At first, you have to charge it using the USB-C cable. Once the battery gets fully charged, you can start using it.
  • Put the footpad on the floor or a surface that is flat.
  • Find the EMS massager and align the connectors with matching footpad ports.
  • Ensure the connectors fit in quite well.
  • Press the “+” button, and that will light up its LED lamp.
  • Now, keep your feet on the footpad.
  • You can use the “-” and “+” buttons to tweak the massage intensity.
  • The M button is there to let you shift between modes.

You may need to try it a few times to fathom which mode and intensity works the best for your needs. Do not wear socks when using them, as that may hinder the device from meeting its targeted spots on the feet.

How do I store the device when I am not using it?

To ensure the device is in good condition and has enhanced longevity, storing it well is necessary. Ideally, keep it in a place that is not humid and has proper ventilation. Also, ensure it is kept away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Keeping it away from the reach of playful youngsters and active pets will be a good idea.

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How long shall I use it?

That depends on your needs and foot pain recurrence. However, for a single usage, running the Nooro massager for 15 minutes is ideal. You may even use it daily, especially if you walk a lot every day and cope with tired foot muscles often.

What’s there in the device box?

In the package, you will get the foot massager, the habit tracker, a quick start guide and a user guide. Also, there is a USB cable and a power adapter.

Summing it up

Nooro foot massager is ideal for those coping with frequent foot pain and seeking a safe and wallet-friendly solution. At $69.99 a piece, it is not costly. The features are handy, and the usage process is not complicated.

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