Kali Tanaya skis at Lookout Mountain at the Ski Your Age event on Monday, Dec. 26. Skiers of a variety of ages showed up for the event.

Skiers show up in force for Ski Your Age

  • Wednesday, December 28, 2016 3:52pm
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Though 61 skiers signed up for the Ski Your Age event on Monday, Dec. 26, more showed up, making a total of about 80 skiers on the trails between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Overall, the conditions made for a fun day for all, said Janna Davis in a press release.

“Lookout Mountain did not get the rain that we saw in town and our groomers worked their magic as they always do so that we all had amazing trails to ski on,” Davis said.

Pete Alexson, who skied 72 kilometers, clocked in the most distance of the day.


Ski Your Age or more!

Katie Davis – 22 km

Jacob Davis – 30 km

Pete Alexson – 72 km

Mike Gracz – 56.7 km

Michelle Stenger – 45.2 km

Joy Ridgely – 6 km

Autumn Daigle – 19 km

Aspen Daigle – 19 km

Josh Vantrease – 21 km

Sylvia Clemens – 13 km

Clyde Clemens – 9 km

Tara Schmidt – 40.5

Jane Wiebe – 45 km

Brad Marden – 40 km

Family Ski Meister Totals!

Gracz/Stenger – 102 km

Davis – 80 km

Alexson – 78 km

Anderson – 59 km

Daigle – 48 km

Clemens – 43 km

Otis – 31 km

McDonough – 17 km

Century Club (ski 100 minus your age in km)

Michelle Stenger – 45.2 km

Cindy Sisson – 41 km

Alan Gnad – 30 km

George Matz – 25 km

Sundowner (ski 50 km between sunrise and sunset)

Pete Alexson – 72 km

Mike Gracz – 56.7 km

Ski Ken Jones Age in kilometers (new category for this year to pay tribute to Ken Jones who was a well-known member of the ski community in Homer)

Pete Alexson – 72 km

Other Skiers who skied someone else’s age in kilometers (not all kilometers known)

Janna Davis – 28 km

Judy Steyer

Christine Anderson – 22 km

Deland Anderson – 22 km

Will Anderson – 15 km

Tanner Reid – 5 km

Elsa Otis – 4.5 km

Leah Dunn – 4.5 km

Casy Otis – 5 km

Emilie Otis – 21.3 km

Audrey Russell

Kevin Walker – 11 km

Kali Glosser

Fred Berney – 7.5 km

Morgan Jones

Ann Daigle – 10 km

Pat Daigle

Katie Marden

Janelle Moerlein

Marylou Burton – 10

Richard Burton

Mark Wayne – 27 km

Cassidy Soistman

Olivia LaFleur

Steve Soistman

Kara Clemens – 12 km

David Clemens – 9 km

Mariah Vantrease

John Miles

Charlie Trowbridge – 10 km

Rebecca Trowbridge – 7 km

Jerry Vantrease

Debbie Vantrease

Ryan Oliver

Evelyn Oliver

Daniel Perry – 7.5 km

Jackie McDonough – 3 km

Thomas McDonough – 5 km

Theo McDonough – 3 km

Seamus McDonough – 3 km

Beatrix McDonough – 3 km

Marie Alexson – 3 km

Lake Alexson – 3 km

Stan Purington

Ben Kettle

Daisy Kettle

Arthur Kettle

Margi Blanding

Tara Schmidt skis at the Ski Your Age event on Monday, Dec. 26, making her way across a trail at Lookout Mountain.

(left to right) Autumn Daigle and Katie Davis ski on a trail at Lookout Mountain for the Ski Your Age event on Monday, Dec. 26.

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