Softball action heats up for Fourth of July

By Shannon Reid

For the Homer News

In addition to playing scheduled games at the Jack Gist Park every evening Monday-Thursday, three Homer Softball Association teams — Kharacters/Cups, Spenard Builders Supply and Beluga Lake Lodge — are preparing to compete in the statewide Kenai Firecracker Tournament in Kenai this Saturday and Sunday. 

Last week the Growlers defended their undefeated winning streak. Kharacters/Cups had a change of fortune with a win of 13-4 against SBS after losing their last match against SBS 21-6. On June 25 Alibi scored their second win this season 13-12 against the Spartans. 

Team standings as of June 25: 1. Growlers (10, 0); 2. Beluga Lake Lodge (10, 1); 3. SBS (8, 2); 4. Cups/Kharacters (7, 4); 5. Down East (4, 7); 6. Wraptors (2, 9); 7. Spartans (1, 10); 8. Alibi (2, 9).

For more on the Kenai Firecracker Tournament, contact the Kenai Softball Association at 907-262-0855.