Swimmers work hard at having a ‘good time’

Mariner swimmers traveled to Soldotna Sept. 27 for the annual Pentathlon, an event unlike any other in the season. While the event didn’t officially “count towards anything”, Head Coach Rebecca Hardy said Homer wouldn’t miss the opportunity to join in the fun.

“Everyone had a good time and we are definitely looking forward to next year’s Pentathlon. We would never miss it,” she said.

The unique meet requires every swimmer from each team to swim the five same events, first a 100 meter IM race, then four 50 meter races in four different strokes; butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle.

“The Pentathlon is long, but at the same time it is fast because everyone is swimming fifty meters.” Hardy said. “It’s neat because everyone is swimming the exact same thing.” 

When times from the identical races were calculated together, sophomore Greg Smith was the fastest boy out of the Mariners and Lauren Kuhns, freshman, was the fastest girl.

“To be honest I just wanted to do my best and see the team succeed as a whole,” said Smith

“I’m really happy how we did and I’m looking forward to the meets to come.” 

Kuhns was the only freshman that was listed in the top 20 of the Pentathlon.

“It was a team-building experience that was fun and challenging as well.” she said. “The Pentathlon was a confidence booster and it was fun to swim the 100 meter IM … a lot less stressful than an actual meet.”

Kuhns said she wants to qualify for the state tournament in the 200 meter freestyle. That event takes place in Juneau Nov. 8-9.

“It’s hard to get into, but I want to try it. I just need to get my pace down because it’s a sprint, but a long sprint,” said Kuhns.

The Mariners will compete this weekend in Valdez and in Seward on Oct 11-12. 

Shannon Reid is a freelance writer living in Homer.