Thursday hoops: Grace Christian and Kenai Central girls, Grace Christian and Seward boys move to championship

Class 3A Peninsula Conference

Grace Christian and Kenai Central girls and Grace Christian and Seward boys moved to the championship in Thursday games.

The No. 1 seed Grace girls got to the final by defeating No. 5 Nikiski 51-7.

For Grace, Sophie Lentfer had 19, MJ Van der Horst had 12, Poppy Wiggers-Pidduck and Molly Schild had 3, Hope Jackson and Ella Boerger had 2, and Faith Salima had 1.

For Nikiski, Shelby Burman and Maggie Grenier had 2, and Abigail White, Alexa Iyatunguk and Madison Iyatunguk had 1.

The Bulldogs (8-19 overall) had defeated No. 4 Seward 41-39 in double overtime earlier in the day. Seward fell to 13-12.

For Nikiski, Shelby Burman had 10, Kailey Stynsberg haad 7, Alexa Iyatunguk, Maggie Grenier and Avery Ellis had 6, and Abigail White and Mandee Roofe had 3.

For Seward, Robin Cronin had 12, Ava Jagielski had 8, Stella Dow had 7, Mikinley Williams had 5, Natalie Sieminski had 4 and Hailey Ingalls had 3.

The Kards, the No. 3 seed, topped No. 2 Homer 53-45 to make it to the final. The Mariners, now 15-9, were 2-0 this regular season against the Kardinals, who are 10-13.

For Homer, Minadora Reutov had 16, Sydney Shelby had 15, Channing Lowney had 8, Lillie Mae Kuhn had 4 and Gracie Miotke had 2.

For Kenai, Emma Beck led the way by pouring in 40, while Ellsi Miller had 5, Sierra Hershberger and Avia Miller had 3, and Alex Nelson had 2.

The No. 1 Grace boys got to the final by topping No. 4 Kenai 60-40.

For Grace, Ashton Clarkson had 24, Bristol Tobin had 19, Brayden Clarkson had 8, Robbie Annett had 6, and Caleb Dale, Joe Adolfae and Bensen Malone each had 1.

For Kenai, Ben Harris had 14, Riel Castillo had 6, Carter Felchle had 5, Trae Pitsch had 3, Zane James, Daniel Steffensen, Reid Titus and Miles Metteer had 2, and Garrett McCanna had 1.

The Kards (7-18) had started the day by topping No. 5 Nikiski 59-30. The Bulldogs are 0-20.

For Nikiski, Carter Eiter had 14, while Kevin Love had 8, Dylan Hall had 6 and Seth Payne had 2.

For Kenai, Miles Metteer had 14, William Wilson and Ben Harris had 11, Reid Titus had 9, Jacob Katzenberger had 6, Riel Castillo and Trae Pitsch had 3, and Daniel Steffensen had 2.

Seward, the No. 2 seed, topped No. 3 Homer 69-39. The Seahawks are 18-6, while the Mariners are 7-17.

For Seward, Bergen Davis had 21, Nick Ambrosiani had 13, Ben Ambrosiani had 11, Van Shank had 8, Emerson Cross had 5, Mason Elhard had 4, Talon Lemme had 3, and Noah Price and Lane Peterson had 2.

For Homer, Lucas Story had 15, Spencer Dye had 12, Jamen Anderson had 5, Justus Davidson had 4, Einar Pederson had 2 and CJ Burns had 1.