Pass Your Test Review: Will PassYourTest.com Cleansing Products Really Work for You?

Pass Your Test is a company that specializes in helping drug users pass drug tests. The company is based in Scottsdale, Arizona, founded in 2000. The company has experience of over 22 years of helping people clean their body systems of every form of toxins and drugs.

Services rendered by the company are categorized into testing and cleansing services. Under these categories are home testing kits, permanent and same-day cleansers, cleansing shampoos, and detoxification programs for the entire body.

Pass Your Test products can be purchased immediately and used without making any consultations. Customers can also take an online quiz to determine the right product.

Many of the major media in the United States have had Pass Your Test featured on their programs. They include High Times, Vice, Leafly, and Merry Jane. All product orders within the United States are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping.

The Best Pass Your Test Products

The days of facing difficulties in passing a drug test are long gone with Pass Your Test. Below is a list of the top pass your test products available:

  • Fail-Safe Kit
  • Clean-Shot
  • Clean Caps
  • 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program
  • 10 Day Extreme Detoxification
  • Folli-Clean Shampoo
  • Extreme Body Cleanse Program
  • Total Body Cleanse Ultra Program
  • Utest Marijuana
  • Test-O-Meter Testing Kit
  • Utest Nicotine Home Testing Kit

Same Day Cleansers

The products from Pass Your Test are primarily characterized as cleansers. The products work chiefly by cleaning plants, herbs, and toxins from the body. The primary function of cleansing the body of toxins makes several Pass Your Test products be regarded as Same-Day Cleansers.

How Same-Day Cleansers Work

  • Distancing yourself from any form of drugs before commencing usage of the cleanser
  • Strictly adhere to the instructions made by the manufacturer before the start of using the cleanser.
  • Take enough water and ensure to urinate in the first 90 minutes of using the cleanser twice at least.
  • The duration of flushing toxins from the body takes only 90 minutes, and its effect lasts up to 6 hours.

Same Day Cleanser employs different minerals and vitamins to cleanse the body. They include Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B2, and over 1500% of the Daily Value of Vitamin B 12. Ingredients such as echinacea, protein, and milk thistle extract are also found in the cleansers.

Same Day Cleansers sold by Pass Your Test include the following:

Fail-Safe Kit

This Same-Day Cleanser is a strong recommendation for people who are daily users of drugs and want to clean their bodies to pass a drug test. If you are worried that your body is high in traces of drugs, the Fail-Safe Kit is there to give you peace of mind. The actions of flushing and cleaning the body begins within 60 minutes of using the product and continues to cleanse the body for the next 6 hours. The Same Day Cleansing products contain 1X Clean Caps and 1X Clean-Shot. It enables users to enjoy discounted prices for two same-day cleansing products. Fail-Safe Kit is an ideal product for people with very high body fat or the body weight of over 200lbs and those with extreme daily exposure to drugs. If your concern is the most powerful body cleansing solution, you have to try the Fail-Safe Kit. It is priced at $89.95


Do you have an average level of body fat, a bodyweight below 200lbs, and moderate exposure to drugs? An ideal match of Same Day Cleansing solution for you is Clean Shot. If you want proper cleaning of your body system and want its effects to continue for one day, then look no further than Clean Shot. Clean Shot is to be taken the day of the test, and it starts to function from about 60 to 90 minutes of consumption. Clean Shot is priced at $59.95.

Clean Caps

If you doubt or are unsure of having toxins in your body, take Clean Caps. Do you need to add some boost to your body? Then take Clean Caps as well. It will clean your body and help you pass the drug test you take on the same day of using the cleanser.

Permanent Cleansers

Permanent Cleansers are also part of the products offered by Pass Your Test. Permanent Cleaners achieve thorough cleaning of the entire body. When the cleanse is purchased, a testing kit comes to test that the body is indeed free of toxins. Only re-exposure to drugs will make them endure in the body. Permanent cleansers remove every form of drugs and toxins in the body system.

How Permanent Cleansers Work

  • Distancing yourself from any form of toxins before commencing usage
  • Strictly following the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Testing yourself to confirm the body is squeaky-clean of toxins
  • The blood and body remain clean unless they have been re-exposed to drugs and toxins

Permanent cleansers employ ingredients such as dandelion root, alfalfa, cascara sagrada bark, burdock root, echinacea, guarana, goldenrod, cranberry, licorice, and other plant extracts and natural herbs for permanently removing toxins from the body and blood.

Permanent Cleansers by Pass Your Test comes in 5 and 10-day cleansing options:

5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program

The 5 Day Extreme Detoxification Program has proven to help over 250,000 people pass drug tests on the day they use it. It has helped them clean their body entirely of unwanted toxins and drugs. People with a high level of exposure to toxins and drugs are advised to use this solution. The manufacturer assures the permanent removal of toxins. This option of Same Day Cleanser is available as pre-cleanse and post-cleanse capsules. The pre-cleanse formula capsules are a 1-day supply of four pre-cleanse formula capsules, a 5-day supply of 30 minutes formula, and a 5-day supply of 30 minutes evening time capsules. The post-cleanse formula capsules come as a 1-day supply of eight doses of post-cleanse formula. Body cleansing uses naturally sourced ingredients, including peppermint, potassium, schizandra, and creatine. This kit also is packed with 13 pages of PDF meal plans, a complete guide on cleansing the body, home testing kits, and chat and phone support. The 5 Day Extreme Detoxification is priced at $109.95.

10 Day Extreme Detoxification

Do you have a drug test in 10 days and need to make your body free from any form of drugs? Then look no further than 10 Day Extreme Detoxification. Cleaning the body is done by targeting concentrated levels of toxins in the body. This option is ideal for people that weigh from 250lbs upward. The level of toxins in the body is not a concern as it roots out every form of toxins in just ten days. An order for 10 Day Extreme Detox comes with a 1day supply of pre-cleanse capsules, 60 minutes morning and 60 minutes evening time capsules, and a 1-day supply of post-cleanse pills. The kit also contains a 13-page meal plan, a complete guide on cleaning the body, three home testing kits, and other body cleansing products. 10 Day Extreme Detox is sold for $149.95

Hair Follicle Cleansers

Some drug tests are conducted to test the presence of toxins in the hair follicles. Using a particular type of shampoo can assist in passing a drug test. Pass Your Test has developed a special kind of shampoo to help you pass a drug test without worrying. This single flagship shampoo provides you with chances to pass a drug test.

Folli-Clean Shampoo

The Folli-Clean Shampoo is priced at $99.95. This shampoo is designed for all levels of exposure to drugs regardless of body fats and weight. This Pass Your Test formula option can help you pass a drug test on the same day that it is used. The effects of the shampoo start 60 minutes after use, and the cleansing effects on the hair continue for the next 24 hours. This option comes with a complete and detailed guide on cleaning and benefiting the most from the shampoo and getting maximum cleaning benefits.

Total Body Cleansers

No solution cleans the entire body, including the hair, of toxins and gives the best possible chance of passing a drug test as Total Body Cleansers does. Total Body Cleanser by Pass Your Test consists of multiple supplements proven to cleanse the body. These products include shampoos.

The Following instruction is advised to be adhered to strictly for getting the maximum benefits from Total Body Cleansers:

  • Total Distancing from any form of toxins
  • Completely taking everything in the Permanent Cleansing Program
  • Following the direction on how to use the shampoo
  • The body is clean of any form of toxins until the person is exposed again

Total Body Cleansers include:

Extreme Body Cleanse Program

This Extreme Body Cleanse Program is ideal for everyone, regardless of the level of exposure to drugs and toxins. People with low and average body fat can also use this option, including people with bodyweight below 200lbs. This kit provides an all-in-one solution for people who want to pass a drug test. Extreme Cleanse Program of the category of Total Body Cleanse from Pass Your Test is the best for you if you have a ten day window to pass a urine, blood, or drug test. The kit includes Nutra Cleanse of 5 Day Program, Clean Caps, Folli-Clean Shampoo, Nutra Cleanse Pre-Cleanse formula, and other products from Pass Your Test. Extreme Total Body Cleanse is priced at $179.95

Total Body Cleanse Ultra Program

Anyone with a very high level of toxin exposure, including high daily exposure, a bodyweight of over 200lbs, and increased body fat, should consider taking the Total Body Cleanse Ultra Program. The Ultra Total Body Cleanse rids the body of any form of toxins. The manufacturer advises starting usage ten days before doing a urine, blood, or drug test. It can also be taken to pass a hair test for toxins. It is priced at $219.95.

Home Testing Kits

Pass Your Test offers several home testing kits that allow users to perform a drug test on themselves without visiting a lab. Taking a drug test can be done at home. The kit is straightforward to use. The test is conducted by exposing the test strip to urine and awaiting the result. Tests for THC, nicotine, and other toxins can be done at home without visiting a lab. Users can now determine if they need to clean their bodies or their body cleanser works.

How Home Testing Kits Work

  • The strip cap should be removed, and the strip should be placed in a cup containing urine.
  • The strip should be removed from the urine once the “C” line appears
  • The strip cap should be replaced and laid on a flat surface.
  • The result should be read for five minutes and nothing more after ten minutes.
  • The test is negative when two lines appear next to the “C” line. The test is positive when one line appears next to the “C” line. The test is invalid when there is no visible line.

The Home Testing Kit from Pass Your Test includes:

Utest Marijuana

Do you want to test for the presence of marijuana in your body? Then the Utest Marijuana is for you. The marijuana level that is being tested is a THC level of 50ng/ml. The same is what the Utest Marijuana kit checks. The test is done by exposing urine to the test strip. The strip also detects THC metabolites. The test can be done at home without any expertise. It can give 99% accuracy, and results are gotten in minutes. Utest Marijuana is priced at $19.95

Test-O-Meter Testing Kit

The concentration level of THC in the body checked by the Test-O-Meter Testing Kit is 50ng/ml. THC concentration levels of 12 and 100 to 300ng/ml can also be tested. This kit is the most sensitive drug test kit on the market. It also makes it easy to see specifications on the system for the specific level of THC concentration, if there is any. Test-O-Meter Testing Kit is priced at $24.95.

Utest Nicotine Home Testing Kit

The concentration level tested by the Utest Nicotine Home Testing Kit is 50ng/ml. This concentration is the industry standard level of nicotine tested for in the body. The result with an accuracy level of 99% can be obtained within minutes. It is a very sensitive kit that can be used to test for nicotine at home.

What Customers are Saying About Pass Your Test

Pass Your Test has provided solutions for users to pass a drug test for over 22 years. The company has amassed thousands of positive reviews about its products from its happy customers. The reviews have shown that customers are satisfied with the products from Pass Your Test and how they work. They have also claimed that the products work as advertised in helping people pass drug tests.

Below are some of the most common customer reviews:

It has been claimed by many customers that Pass Your Test products work as they have been advertised. The directions given by the manufacturer were followed strictly till the day of their test, leading them to pass the test without any issue.

Some other customers claim that they lose weight by taking detox products from Pass Your Test.

The love of some customers is the money-back guarantee and free shipping that supports the products from Pass Your Test.

One of the reviews says that the customer has been a 15 year habitual smoker and the Pass Your Test products helped him pass a drug test.

Like the other companies in the drug test passing space, Pass your Test has negative reviews from customers who have used the products but did not pass a drug test. However, negative reviews are shockingly few compared to the other companies in the space.

Some of the negative reviews have to do with paying an extra fee for shipping upon which the product still arrived later than the timeframe.

The various products from Pass Your Test work just as advertised and show very minimal side effects.

Pass Your Test Refund Policy

All products from Pass Your Test come with a 30 days satisfaction money-back guarantee. The company has offered this guarantee for the past 20 years.

If the Pass Your Test Product you purchased does not work as advertised or you are not satisfied with it. You can request a refund within 30 days of the original purchase.

A refund can be requested by contacting refunds@passyourtest.

About Pass Your Test

Pass Your Test was established in the year 2000. The products offered by the company provide solutions to cleaning the body of toxins and enabling users to pass a drug test.

Pass Your Test can be contacted via the following:

  • Phone: 877-247-1354
  • Email: contact@passyourtest.com
  • Mailing Address: 10115 E. Bell Rd 85260 Unit 143, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Over 250 000 products from Pass Your Test have been sold to date.

Pass Your Test Conclusion

Pass Your Test is a company that offers a range of products to customers enabling them to pass drug and toxins tests without any hassle. It is a leader in the business of helping individuals pass drug tests.

Detox kits are available from the company in different intensities for permanently cleaning the body of drugs and toxins and also helping people pass a drug test. The choice of the kits is yours to choose whether it is a day or a few hours you have to take a drug test for ten days. Cleansing can be done in a few hours or days, depending on the selected options.


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