Tactical Chainsaw Reviews: Powerful Electric Handheld Compact Chainsaw or Scam?

You look over your yard and see that dead branch hanging over your shed. With windy weather coming on the weekend, it’s time to cut it down before it breaks and collapses the shed’s roof. Imagine the hassle of replacing the roof; it could cost hundreds of dollars.

Worse yet, imagine the toil and effort required to work the handsaw back and forth as you cut away the branch. The effort of pruning the tree is necessary, but it doesn’t have to be hard work. The Tactical Chainsaw offers an electric, handheld chainsaw ideal for these yard work tasks.

Toss out the handsaw and order yourself this innovative device. Your shoulders and back will thank you, and you’ll get through your landscaping chores in less than half the time of using a conventional handsaw.

Introducing Tactical Chainsaw – Compact, Effective, Powerful

Use this convenient electric model if you’re considering a chainsaw for your yard work responsibilities. The Tactical Chainsaw gives you a highly portable, cordless chainsaw with electric operation. It’s capable of handling the most rugged outdoor tasks.

Use it for landscaping duties around the yard, or take it camping to cut up your firewood. The highly versatile design of this innovative electric saw offers you a powerful cutting tool with an affordable price tag.

Speed Up Your Chores in the Yard

Do you remember the last time you had to stand on a ladder to trim a tree branch? Working overhead tires you out, and it’s not an option for seniors. With Tactical Chainsaw, you get a lightweight design that’s easy to work with overhead without tiring your arms and back.

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Stay on the Neighbor’s Good Side with Quiet Operation

The Tactical Chainsaw runs quietly compared to its gas-powered counterparts. You get a maximum operating range of 109 decibels, significantly less noisy than a gas-powered model. Your neighbors won’t complain about the noise, and you’ll keep the peace in your neighborhood.

Cost-effective, Eco-Conscious Operation

Don’t get a gas-powered chainsaw; it ruins the environment, stinks up the yard with fuel smells, and costs a fortune on gas. Be kind to the environment and use Tactical Chainsaw for your gardening duties.

Tactical Chainsaw – Features

Powerful & Compact

The Tactical Chainsaw gives you a powerful gardening tool in a compact device that’s easy to maneuver. The motor spins at 2,000 RPM, making short work of branches and pruning duties around the yard.

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Ergonomic Handle & Grip

The ergonomic handle and soft grip on the Tactical Chainsaw make it suitable for single-handed operation. Its non-slip grip prevents accidents and makes it easy to work overhead, thanks to the machine’s lightweight design. A safety trigger stops the blade if you take your finger off the trigger.

Electric Operation for Fuel Savings

The Tactical Chainsaws electric operation reduces your household carbon footprint and saves money on gas. Reduce emissions, and don’t leave the neighborhood smelling like fuel after completing your yard work.

Long Battery Life

The 21-volt lithium-ion battery pack offers 20 to 45 minutes of service life between charges. The saw takes around two to three hours to reach a full charge.

Cost Effective

Why spend $600 or more on a competing brand when you can order a Tactical Chainsaw for a fraction of the price? You get premium build quality and a full warranty on your saw.

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Unboxing Your Tactical Chainsaw

Your tactical Chainsaw comes with the following components included with your order.

  • 1x Tactical Electric Chainsaw
  • 21-Volt high-power Lithium-ion battery pack.
  • Wall charging dock.
  • Accessory kit.
  • User manual.

Ordering a Tactical Chainsaw

Why spend $600 or more on a gas-powered chainsaw for your yard when you can order a Tactical Chainsaw for a fraction of the price? You won’t find this tool on Amazon or at big box retailers. It’s exclusively available from the official online store. This distribution model allows the manufacturer to offer this handy device at a very affordable price.

  • Order one Tactical Chainsaw and pay $79.99. Save $79.99 off the regular retail price of $159.98.
  • Order two Tactical Chainsaws and pay $71.99 each (order total $143.98). Save $175.98 off the regular retail price of $319.96.
  • Order three Tactical Chainsaws and pay $63.99 each (order total $191.98). You save $287.96 of the regular retail price of $479.94.
  • Order four Tactical Chainsaws and pay $55.99 each (order total $223.97). You save $415.95 on the regular retail price of $639.92.

You get a 30-day warranty on your purchase of the Tactical Chainsaw. If you receive a faulty, defective, or damaged saw, send it back for a replacement or ask for a full refund, no questions asked. You can purchase a 1-year extended warranty at checkout for an additional $12.80 per unit.

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  • Email: support@tacticalchainsaw.com
  • Telephone: 1-833-203-6797

Tactical Chainsaw – FAQ

Q: What are the maintenance requirements for the Tactical Chainsaw?

A: The Tactical Chainsaw requires regular maintenance after every use to keep it in peak operating order. You need to check the chain tension and ensure the chain stays clean and lubricated. The user manual included with your purchase gives you everything you need to know about keeping your Tactical Chainsaw in optimal operating condition.

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Q: Can I use the Tactical Chainsaw to cut down large trees?

A: No. Tactical Chainsaw is suitable for cutting through branches, but you can’t expect it to fell a tree. It’s the perfect tool for small-to-mid-sized tasks around the yard. Its lightweight design makes it easy for seniors to work overhead without fatiguing their shoulders and back.

Q: What kind of yardwork tasks suit the Tactical Chainsaw?

A: The Tactical Chainsaw is ideal for yard work tasks like pruning branches and shrubs. Trim your hedges and keep your garden looking great during the growth season. Use this versatile tool for woodworking projects or even carve out an ice sculpture.

Q: Can I order the Tactical Chainsaw internationally?

A: Yes. The Tactical Chainsaw is available for international customers in select countries. You’ll need to pay an additional shipping fee, and you’ll get delivery of the device in 10 to 14 business days, depending on your location.

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