Letters to the Editor


The term “they” has been used in the singular for hundreds of years.

Rather than creating yet another dozen personal or political pigeonholes for people by designating even a preferred pronoun — immediately attaching a designation which may or may not be well received or even understood by others — I suggest folks use their names to self-identify (novel idea, no?).

When writing or speaking of another, the only pronouns necessary are “they” or “their.” If your given name no longer suits you and you’re serious about it, change it.

Choosing a personal pronoun, some to express one’s sexuality (or lack thereof) or social/political stance, is just none of my business unless I have the opportunity to get to know you better. Even then it may not mean much to me.

Your personal value and reputation is not indicated by a pronoun.

In a hospital ER, it is of no concern whether one is gender neutral or him or her. If you are beside the table, proficiency is all that matters. If you are lying on the table, well, really, what matter is a pronoun? Your name is your identification on your driver’s license, passport, mortgage papers, etc., none of which are concerned in the least with your chosen pronoun.

One can identify with any pronoun one wishes but the DMV just doesn’t care. A year later one can identify with yet another pronoun and the DMV still doesn’t care.

Orrrr, maybe fogies and curmudgeons such as myself just don’t have the patience or time to learn additional nuances to a language we have struggled with our entire lives.

Cal Schmidt

An Epic Success

The Homer Cycling Club would like to thank several volunteers, businesses and organizations for making this year’s Homer Epic a success. The Homer Epic is a 50 or 100k running, biking or skiing endurance race on winter trails through the Caribou Hills. 97 racers competed this year and travelled from as far away as the state of Nevada to Homer for the annual human-powered challenge. We would especially like to thank the Snomads snowmachine club for maintaining great winter trails and sharing them with us for the race. The Homer Epic is a fundraiser for the Homer Cycling Club. Volunteers, donors and supporters to the 2023 Homer Epic included:

Volunteers: Dale Banks, Bernard Brunner, Sam Buenting, Brian Burns, Jason Herreman, Pat Irwin, Nathan Kincaid, Chuck Lindsay, Lindsay Martin, Bjorn Olson, Anna Rath, Derek Reynolds, Marc Romano, Konrad Schaad, Stephanie Schmit, Parker Sorensen, Tom Young.

Donors: BST Milling, Cycle Logical, Homer Saw and Cycle, Moore and Moore Services Inc., Clif Bar and Co.

Supporters: Kachemak Emergency Services, KPB School District – McNeil Canyon Elementary School, Snomads Inc., Wise Service LLC.


Chuck Lindsay

Thank you to the Homer Foundation and Rope Tow members

World Telemark Day 2023 was a success! The Homer Rope Tow was proud to hold the yearly event on Sat. March 4th. Bringing the free-heelers out to the forefront, everyone who attended had a blast. The Homer Foundation was kind enough to match all donations from the event. We love our local hill and are ecstatic when the community feels the same.

Thank You,

Sarah Banks

Secretary, Kachemak Ski Club (Homer Rope Tow)