26th annual Kenai Peninsula Writers’ Contest winners announced

Homer Council on the Arts announced the winners of the 26th annual Kenai Peninsula Writer’s Contest last Thursday, April 18.

With categories for submissions in poetry, fiction and creative nonfiction, the contest was open to all Kenai Peninsula residents including K-12 students and adults.

This year’s judges were Nancy Lord, John Messick, Justin Herrman, Lia Calhoun, Anne Coray, Oceana Wills, Collomia Charles, Billeen Carlson, Melissa Cloud, Shellie Worsfold, Cathy Carrow, Candy Goldstein and Linda Martin.

Find out more about this year’s contest at homerart.org/community/writers-contest/ or read the winning entries from each division online at homernews.com.



1st Place: “The Pale Green Suitcase” by Inez Dunn

2nd Place: “Ashes” by Jay Bechtol

3rd Place: “Journey to the Mountain Spirits” by Alexander Fearn

Grade 10-12

1st Place: “Lost and Found” by Ainsley Boss-Harmon

Grade 7-9

1st Place: “Newsflash” by Apphia Bowser

2nd Place: “The Giant on the Hill” by Finn Bird

3rd Place: “The Endless Battle” by Daniel Christ

Grade 4-6

1st Place: “Cartoon Eulogy” by Esther Bowser

Grade K-3

1st Place: “The Forest Friends” by Cassidy Allmendinger

2nd Place: “The Run-Away Family” by Leo Cherok

3rd Place: “Gnome and Fairy” by Marlo LaPlant



1st Place: “Bruiser” by Elizabeth Chilson

2nd Place: “How to Paint Chisik Island” by Isabel Kulhanek

3rd Place: “Forest Bathing in Blueberries” by Mary Katzke

Grade K-3

1st Place: “My Brother Getting Poked” by Runa Larson

2nd Place: “Hunting Season” by Corey Isenhour

3rd Place: “The Family Trip” by Haven Maxon



1st Place: “Tea in the Age of Memories” by Alexander Fearn

2nd Place: “Flower Legend” by Gary Richards

3rd Place: “Ms. Mount Redoubt” by Elena Dimitrovski

Grade 10-12

1st Place: “I Saw You” by Ainsley Boss-Harmon

2nd Place: “Rain on a Cliff” by Ainsley Boss-Harmon

3rd Place: “Not Normal” by Kelsey Gravelle

Grade 7-9

1st Place: “Beauty in the Broken” by Apphia Bowser

2nd Place: “Life” by Hailee Painter

Grade 4-6

1st Place: “Where I’m From” by Isolde Panarelli

2nd Place: “North Wind” by Riggs Harness

3rd Place: “Where I’m From” by Lila Shavelson

Grade K-3

1st Place: “Hungry Birds” by Annabell Botkin

2nd Place: “Going to Squirrel’s Tree Late” by Cassidy Allmendinger

3rd Place: “Dance” by Sibylle Sethi