Homer’s Best Bets

As we toil here at Homer News election central into the wee dark hours of the morning, the long night holds promise. OK, yeah, we won’t have to cover elections until the big “Homer reacts” story in November, but never mind that. We’re talking northern lights.

The Betster has rediscovered the secret to seeing northern lights. Get up and use the bathroom. In the days when the Betster had a dry cabin, that meant venturing outdoors to the outhouse. They don’t talk about this in the welcome to Homer brochures. Yes, you have to leave the warmth of the house when nature calls, but you get a spectacular view.

Speaking of spectacular, the Betster has been trying to understand that big Paris jewel heist. Recently burglars broke into the chic boutique hotel room of Kim Kardashian. They bound her up, tossed her into a tub and took off on bikes with $12 million of her jewelry.

The Betster is trying to figure out a) how you travel with $12 million in jewelry, b) why if you do have $12 million in jewelry you also don’t have a big guard dog at your side and c) why someone would want jewelry that spendy. Homer defeated a $12 million bond for a new police station. If Kardashian wanted to put her money into something shiny, she could buy us a new cop shop. Homer’s finest would guard it for her, and we’d even put her name on it.

Well, that’s why the rich are different than you and me. Who needs jewels when our heavens shine so magnificently? Look up into the sky for something rare and wonderful you can get for free — just like Homer, you know, always awesome, like these Best Bets:


BEST NEW SCHOOL IN TOWN BET: Here’s another option lifelong learning: the Homer Folk School. Learn about all sorts of cool crafts or maybe even share your own folk knowledge. The school holds an open house 1:30-9 p.m. Saturday at Ageya Wilderness Center on Easy Street near Skyline Drive and East Hill Road.


BEST BROWN BAG IT BET: Chat with Homer City Council member Catriona Reynolds, share your ideas and learn how the council works in this month’s Lunch with a Council Member at noon Monday. Bring your own lunch.


BEST BIG VOICES BET: If you’ve ever heard the sweet sounds of a cappella singing, you know how much power there can be in the human voice. Make it four voices, and throw in the cultural backgrounds of women from around the world, mix it with melodies from 29 languages, and you have Women of the World. This totally awesome group performs at 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Mariner Theatre. Sponsored by the Homer Council on the Arts, tickets are on sale at HCOA and the Homer Bookstore.


BEST SHINE ON BET: Who needs expensive jewelry when you can own a small town radio station? Now that’s glitz. OK, you won’t own KBBI Public Radio yourself, but you do share it with other members. Join up or renew your membership in KBBI’s two-day drive Friday-Saturday. Give them a call at 235-7721 or drop by the station on Kachemak Way.