South Peninsula Hospital welcomes the 1st baby of 2024

Baby Benedict Joseph Traugott was the first baby born in 2024 at South Peninsula Hospital’s Family Birthing Center. Son of Elizabeth and Nathan Traugott, Benedict Joseph was born on Jan. 2 at 5:25 a.m. weighing 4 pounds, 10 ounces, and measuring 19 inches long.

This is Elizabeth’s eighth baby. Nathan grew up in Homer and has lived in the community since he was 4. Elizabeth has been here since 2004. Nathan runs Metal Marine, the local business that previously belonged to his father. Their oldest child is 14 and is in school through the Connection’s Homeschool program. Elizabeth said she is a mom and spends most of her time home-schooling the family’s children.

“Benedict was the fifth of our children born at the Homer hospital. Dr. Knapp was amazing. My labor was pretty long and everyone was very supportive. Everything ended up being really good. It was an awesome experience,” Elizabeth Traugott said.

According to Derotha Ferrarro with SPH, Elizabeth and Nathan expressed their appreciation for the understanding, patience, and support of Dr. Renda Knapp and the entire SPH medical team during the birthing journey.

Benedict turned 2 weeks old on Tuesday. “He’s a pretty small baby, but he’s doing well,” Traugott said.

In honor of the occasion, the family was showered with gifts from generous community members, including but not limited to:

Captain’s Toy Chest

Grace Ridge Brewing Inc

Homer’s Jeans

Kachemak Gear Shed


North Wind Home Collection

Salmon Sisters

Sea Glo Spa & Boutique

SPH Wellbean Coffee Cart

Sprout Family Services

The Homer Bookstore

The Twisted Goat

West Wing Clinic Nurse Midwives

The Whole Mind Mentor

Wild Honey Bistro Homer

Woda Botanicals

Derotha Ferraro with SPH provided the list of community members who contributed gifts.