Years Ago

Homer happenings from years past

20 years ago

As nature toys with Homer’s psyche — teasing with spring one second then stalling with winter the next — Tamara Hagerty creates a more predictable environment for the seedlings in the Homer High School greenhouse. In Alaska, where the window for gardening outside is only open from June to August, all of the 25,000 plants needed for the annual Homer Beautification Program must be reared inside long before the ground is ready to receive them.

— From the issue of March 18, 2004

30 years ago

One person’s rock ‘n’ roll may be another’s earache, but just how to determine if sound is too loud and who should decide drew a lot of comment at a public hearing on a proposed noise ordinance at Monday’s meeting of the Homer City Council. Most who testified appeared to line up against the new ordinance, either because it would be unenforceable, arbitrarily enforced, or because its sponsor, Councilman Mike McHone, owner of the Heritage Hotel, has a beef with Alice Cochrane, owner of the popular Pioneer Avenue nightclub Alice’s Champagne Palace, which is one door down. Some, however, say a noise ordinance is needed for other reasons.

— From the issue of March 17, 1994