The Plan Reviews (Dan Hollings) Is It Worth the Money or Not?

Dan Hollings, creator of The Plan, is launching a new live training webinar to promote The Wiggle Factor.

The webinar is marketed to those who are new to crypto – but want to make a lot of money quickly by trading cryptocurrencies. During the webinar, Dan will explain how to use a “crypto bot” formula to automatically earn huge crypto trading profits.

Is The Wiggle Factor a scam? What will you learn during Dan Hollings new webinar? How does Dan Hollings’ The Plan work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the new webinar.


What is the Live Training Webinar?

In November 2021, Dan Hollings announced a live web training event for Thursday, December 2 at 12pm Pacific Time.

You can register for the live training event online through ThePlanRocks.com.

During the event, Dan will explain his crypto trading strategies to an audience in real-time. He’ll explain how he makes money by trading cryptocurrencies – and how ordinary traders (or complete newbies) like you can get started.

Specifically, Dan will discuss “The Plan,” which is an automated income generating strategy he created. The Plan involves using “The Wiggle Factor” to perfectly time the market’s rapid movements, generating quick and easy crypto profits without requiring any work. In fact, Dan claims his system works automatically to generate substantial trading revenue. He also claims it’s a “conservative” approach, generating passive income with limited risk.

To learn more about The Plan and how Dan Hollings’ Wiggle Factor works, you can attend the new live training webinar.

Dan is giving away a total of $2,500 to random winners during the webinar. You must be at the event live to win.


What Will You Learn During the Live Training Webinar?

During the live training webinar, Dan Hollings will explain how he makes money through crypto trading – and how ordinary folks can make similar gains by making the right trades today.

Here are some of the topics Dan plans to cover during the live training webinar:

  • How Dan has helped ordinary folks in 104 countries profit from “crypto bot” trading using Dan’s famous “do nothing” strategy
  • How Dan perfected the “crypto bot” formula through 10,000+ automations and over $5 million of investments over 3+ years
  • Why Dan believes bitcoin will be worth “at least $135,000 in the near future” according to his analysis from “the most accurate predictive model of all-time.”
  • Why there’s no better time than today to start trading cryptocurrencies
  • The live status of all Dan’s “guinea pig” clients who each paid at least $10,000 to prove Dan’s team could help anyone in the world success with crypto trading

Just show up 10 minutes before the call starts, and you can discover everything you need to know about Dan’s crypto trading strategies and how they work.

What is The Wiggle Factor?

After registering for Dan Hollings’ new live training webinar, you get a free gift in the form of The Wiggle Factor.

The Wiggle Factor is a digital guide that gives you the key to immediate passive income. You can discover how to use a specific type of automation to start earning passive income within minutes – regardless of whether the market is crushing or crashing.

Obviously, you should be skeptical any time promises to provide easy money through crypto trading online. Crypto trading is risky and speculative.

However, Dan claims to have simplified crypto trading and made it easy to earn consistent profits online. Instead of keeping that automated system to himself and becoming even wealthier, Dan has decided to share his moneymaking system with the public via The Wiggle Factor.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The webpage for Dan Hollings’ live training webinar is filled with claims about how much money Dan has earned through his automated trading system – and how much money students like you can earn by following the same approach.

Here are some of the statements the site makes about how much money you can make through Dan Hollings’ unique crypto trading strategy:

Dan explains how he made $699,876 in 12 months with crypto bots “while doing nothing 99% of the time”

Dan claims his students have a “100% success rate” for following The Plan; as proof, Dan promises to show the results for every student – not cherry picked numbers from a select group of elite students

Dan claims his live beta students “are getting incredible returns on their crypto” while following a conservative, low-risk approach; Dan claims these people are not crypto experts whatsoever, and that they’re taking a low-risk way to generating a crypto fortune

For all of these reasons, Dan claims his live training webinar is the perfect webinar to attend if you’re new to crypto. Even if you have not bought or owned any crypto, and even if you don’t know how bitcoin works, you can potentially earn huge returns on your investment with Dan’s automated, conservative method for generating crypto profits.

Other Topics Covered During the Dan Hollings Live Training Webinar

During the live training webinar, Dan plans to cover other topics related to crypto, earning money online, and using automated strategies to create passive income streams.

Other topics covered during the webinar include:

Why you won’t find crypto success on YouTube, in Telegram groups, or by going after moonshots and meme coins (Dan recommends leaving this approach to the 20-somethings who prefer to gamble with their financial future)

Why Dan doesn’t fear a crash, and why he doesn’t need the market to boom or bust or be in a bull run or a bear run to make money; instead, his “wiggle” strategy automatically detects small movements in crypto markets “to shake loose steady, passive crypto income”

How to HODL (buy and hold) the best cryptocurrencies on the market while having them spit out cash flow immediately to you; Dan claims his approach will pay you cash “day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute,” allowing you create a passive income stream that works around the clock

How to make money on crypto even if the value of your coin has dropped 58% – and no, Dan doesn’t just talk about shorting crypto

A live look at all Dan’s active crypto automation systems he has running right now, including the name of each coin, how well that coin is doing, and Dan’s automated crypto income portfolio

How Does Dan’s The Plan System Work?

You can find plenty of gurus online who claim to have discovered an easy, low-risk way to generate crypto profits online. However, not all of these gurus are truthful. Is Dan’s system legit? Does The Plan really generate consistent crypto profits for traders of all levels?

The Plan is a training course from Rapid Crush that explains how to generate safe, easy, and effective crypto profits. It’s designed to help you take advantage of a “crypto loophole” and beat the crypto market – even if you’re new to crypto, and even if crypto is in a bull or bear market.

Ultimately, Dan reveals little information about The Plan upfront. However, he believes The Plan is “the key to immediate passive income,” and that it can quickly help students earn huge returns through crypto trading – regardless of their experience, skill level, or current market conditions.


Who is Dan Hollins?

Dan Hollins is a crypto entrepreneur who has run over 10,000 crypto automations in the past 44 months. He has also made over $5 million in crypto transactions over the years. Today, Dan claims he has “figured out what works” with crypto trading based on this experience.

To refine his approach, Dan tested his strategy with people in 104 countries. He also implemented his tactics in both bear and bull markets. Because of these results, he claims The Plan works to deliver consistent profits via the “crypto bot” formula.

Prior to entering the crypto space, Dan ran a successful Amazon business.

When is the Live Training Webinar?

The Dan Hollins live training webinar for The Plan / The Wiggle Factor is scheduled for December 2, 2021 at 12pm PST (Los Angeles).

Anyone can sign up for free by completing the form at ThePlanRocks.com.

What’s the Catch?

There’s no “catch” to the live training webinar from Dan Hollins. You can legitimately attend the webinar for free.

During the webinar, Dan will advertise The Plan training program, which does cost money. You can sign up to learn more about The Plan as part of a real group of students. Or, you can go back to living your life. There’s no obligation on your part.

About Rapid Crush, Inc.

Dan Hollins’ live training webinar is published online by Rapid Crush, Inc. The company has offered digital marketing services since 2011. Rapid Crush was founded by Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos.

If you sign up for the full The Plan / The Wiggle Factor course, then you’ll access that training program through Rapid Crush, Inc.

You can contact Rapid Crush, Inc. via the following:

  • Phone: (661) 505-8540
  • Mailing Address: 2520 N Tamiami Trl, Ste 17, Nokomis, FL 34275

Final Word

Dan Hollings has launched a crypto webinar where he discusses his mysterious “The Plan” automated trading strategy.

The Plan involves using The Wiggle Factor to automatically generate huge profits in the crypto space – even if you’re a beginner and have zero crypto experience. According to Dan, anyone can use The Plan to “immediately” start generating passive income with a “conservative” investing strategy.

To learn more about Dan Hollings, The Plan, The Wiggle Factor, and his upcoming live training session, visit the official webinar website today at ThePlanRocks.com.


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