Begich getting this Alaskan’s vote

 I guess I drive a snowmachine like Mark Begich. I’m terrible at it. I have  always disliked them. Loud, obnoxious machines that drown out the beautiful silence of Alaska. Yet a million years ago I drove a dog team 1,100 miles in the Iditarod and didn’t feel like I have to dis people who choose a  different way of life. 

Last week I had a double mastectomy. Without Obama-care and the removal of pre-existing conditions I probably would have been dead by next year. So I am grateful for a president who quietly and with great determination made sure all Americans had a shot at health care. I also am immensely grateful for the women at Kachemak Bay Family Planning Clinic for their perseverance and professionalism.

I think the discourse of this election has been shameful. Alaskans used to be able to accept each other and joyously celebrate our differences. Now there is this loudmouth Spill, Drill, Kill bunch of bullies who think they run things when what we need is resolve, courage and empathy.  

Mark Begich isn’t perfect. Neither am I. I’m voting for him anyway. 

Shelley Gill