Better fire updates needed

I live in Soldotna  and have a ringside seat to the forest fire raging a few miles away. I join a chorus of other local citizens here wondering where the information and updates are for this fire. I called the stations up on the ridge above your town and they said that other then their hourly newscast they weren’t interested in this non-emergency fire.  He said that if a house is on fire or someone is injured or dead, then they are interested. What kind of community spirit is that? I wanted to ask the guy if he was in Alaska. 

   I am hoping that the Kenai Peninsula Office of Emergency Management can put out a PSA or updates to be aired in addition to regular programming. If this is already the case it seems to be nonexistent here. Community is supposed to be at the heart of our radio stations down here, or am I expecting too much?

Pat Wendt