Tribute to steadfast Spit rats

More often than not you are female, somewhere between 18 and 30. Even if you are a local, you have journeyed far, taken a chance and are not ordinary.  

Your boldness is disguised beneath your beauty. I see you standing alongside your tutor, who is also more often than not, female, owns the business and is between 45 and 75.  She is successful, strong and also hides her boldness beneath the polish of stories she has lived. She has a few nicks and dents you can’t see. 

You are learning everything possible as waves of visitors arrive: the store, the area, kayaking and maybe kite surfing. You are the face of the business you represent. You are the friendly smile and great service on the Spit. You are the reason people come from all over the globe to the End of The Road. 

You will fall in love, get your heart broken — or at least break a heart or two. Some of you will stay.  Some will sweep up after the visitors have left, lock up the shops for the last time behind them, then follow them through airports or even drive back down the Alaska Highway. You will have  experiences nobody “down there” can really understand. 

Thank you for what lies ahead this summer … and welcome to the Homer Spit.

Meldonna Cody