Community does share the spirit

We are so proud to be a part of this community. When our funds were low and we were unsure if we could provide for the needy households in our area, you came through. We were all a bit off schedule this year, one step behind if you will, but once you heard the call, you responded in true community spirit and we can only say thank you for stepping up. 

The following is a little rundown of what we were able to do with your help. Share the Spirit provided holiday baskets for 226 households, including 710 individuals. Nearly half were children, and many others were senior citizens. They were from Anchor Point, Seldovia, Stariski and Port Graham; they live on the Spit or up on the ridge or right in downtown Homer. They’re your neighbors and your co-workers and you reached out to them. 

So again, we thank you and ask you all to keep all in our community in your thoughts throughout the year.

Jayne Locklar, president

Kelly Glidden, vice president

Shari Daugherty, basket co-chair

Share the Spirit