Good neighbors can disagree

We are neighbors. We might have different beliefs, interests, concerns, struggles, lifestyles. We might practice a different faith or none at all. We might be from a different social group, a different income bracket, a different age group, but we are neighbors. As your neighbor I will do my best to not let these differences affect my ability to listen, respect, tolerate, share and support you when and where I can. I will try to do this even in the most difficult times, because that is what good neighbors do. So, at this time as a good neighbor I must share my strong opposition to this attempt to crucify three devoted, accomplished and outstanding neighbors for doing their job.

Homer City Council members received a request from a private citizen to bring a resolution forward. They worked diligently and respectfully through the process of drafting a resolution that they could comfortably present for public comment. All of our elected city council members demonstrated great concern for their fellow neighbors as they worked through this democratic process. The public commented. They heard the comments. They voted appropriate to the majority of commentary, and the enormous amount of public confusion surrounding the resolution that was actually being voted upon.

Like it or not, this is how democracy works. This recall is being driven by more than the actions of our elected council members, our neighbors. This is one of the most troubling things I have witness throughout my 40 years in Homer. I must believe that good neighbors will get us through this most difficult time. Do not support this recall activity.