Misused recall threatens process

I have worked with the Homer City Council, with city commissions, and with various city staff people over the last five years around practical challenges like Old Town and Pioneer Avenue revitalization, trails and sidewalks to schools. I believe every sitting council person, then and now, cares deeply about our community. Each represents a different Homer viewpoint. A council is designed to have different voices, and to be stronger as a result. They must work with each other, even when — especially when — viewpoints are different.

Recently a resolution was introduced by some members of our community. Other community members strongly disagreed. The resolution failed. The public spoke and the council listened. That is local democracy at work. It is messy, imperfect and beautiful. I am grateful for every council person who serves on city council, and whether I agree with them or not, appreciate that they are there. A recall should only be used in extreme cases of corruption or incompetence. Meeting with constituents is not corruption. Looking to other communities for ideas is not corruption. Different voices and ideas are not corruption. A misused recall effort threatens our democratic process.