Joe Miller leads in right direction

In November we have the chance to replace a liberal senator who supports the agenda of Barack Obama nearly all the time. 

We are hearing good things from  the three men seeking the Republican nomination to run against Sen. Begich. They are  all presenting themselves as pro-life conservatives. How do we decide? 

Four years ago we had the chance to replace a liberal senator — one of the most liberal, pro-abortion Republicans in the Senate. (The Democratic party did not get our country into the mess it is in by themselves. It has been a bipartisan effort.) 

Joe Miller ran against Sen. Lisa Murkowski and defeated her in the primary election. The Republican establishment was not pleased. It saw Miller as one who would actually try to make needed change. Republican leaders in Washington used money Miller had raised to help Murkowski win her write-in campaign. Alaska’s lieutenant governor and attorney general also supported her. These were Mead Treadwell and Dan Sullivan. 

I have met these three men; I have heard each of them speak separately and at the debate in Homer. I truly believe that Joe Miller’s motivation in running is the conservative principles he is articulating in his campaign. I am not convinced that is true for the others. Their past actions have shown they have other priorities. 

If you believe our country needs to return to its foundational principles and that the federal government must adhere to the rule of law of the Constitution, then vote for Joe Miller. He has shown that he will stand for those principles even against those in power in his own party. 

Ben Firth