Reasons to vote for Obama, Biden in Tuesday’s presidential election

I am a pious Scots-Irish Presbyterian Christian. I submit three propositions and one essay. The propositions:
1. Definition — Democracy: a nation which derives its political authority from its people.
2. Definition — Oligarchy: a nation in which a small group, the “oligarchs” exercise control for selfish purposes. They are the very rich.
3. Principle — Oligarchic nations collapse. Oligarchs tip so much wealth toward themselves that there is not is not enough money left over for proper nation maintenance so the nation collapses from impoverishment of money and services.
Essay: Is America  an Oligarchy yet? Some people think so. A bread earner might say “yes” when the pink slip comes. Hearing,  “Sorry, you have a pre-existing condition” prompts a “yes.” Pension fund raided? Yeow that’s a big “yes.”
The people who say “yes” feel an oligarchy.  
Let’s talk about plagues.
1350 saw the Bubonic Plague. The aggrieved  breaks out in a dark rash, gets pneumonia, goes into a coma and dies. In the 21st century  we see “Hostile Takeover Plague.” 
In this plague the aggrieved gets a strange taste in his mouth. It is a desire for other people’s money. To satisfy his desire he executes a  hostle takeover.  
The disease progresses as:  A.  Sight in on a decent company. B. Borrow enough money to buy a controlling portion of the stock and become the CEO.  C. As  the new CEO, cause the company to fail. D. Direct the process of bankruptcy which includes raiding pension funds, selling equipment and issuing pink slips. E. Pocket the money and move on to another company.
All plagues have a transmitter. The 1350 Plague was  transmitted by rats. The 21st century plague is carried by “Oligarchic Pollen.”
Q: What is “Oligarchic Pollen”?
A: “Oligarchic Pollen”  is the religious inclinations that arise from the preachings of Rev. John Calvin (born 1509, and preaching from a pulpit in Geneva). The pollen in varying degrees is in all American and British Protestant denominations.
Q: What did Calvin preach?
A: Calvin said,  “All of the universe is geared to God’s clock. The clock runs on its own. Man can’t change it and God won’t, especially on the issue of being sent to heaven upon death.”
Q: That is  harsh. Is there any good news?
A: Yes. Calvin said God might give a person occasional signs about his mortal fate.
Q: What did the parisheners do?
A: They  looked for good signs. They sought to get rich because richness they thought would be a good sign that they were chosen for heaven. But they became confused, too. Since richness is  associated with heaven, and heaven is associated with goodness, they thought that richness is the same as goodness. Thus Calvin’s Axiom got stuck into everyone’s thinking.
Q: What is Calvin’s Axiom?
A: If you are rich then you are good and if you are poor then you are bad.
Q: How does Calvinism fit in with the emergence of the American oligarchy?
A: Present-day American oligarchs (the 1 percent) instinctively think along lines guided by Calvin’s Axiom. They say “I am rich and therefore I am good — even when I do things that  others think is sinful, like unfairly taking away their money.”
The oligarchs, deluded by this dangerous narcissism will resist all attempts by the rest of us to balance to fairness the distribution of America’s wealth.  Since the oligarchs do no work toward nation-maintenance but leave the job to us,  we others must win the forthcoming election  to keep America from collapsing.
I am a pious Scots-Irish Presbyterian Christian and I say: vote for Barack Obama and Joe Biden in the 2012 presidential election.
James Donally lives in Homer.