Sullivan: candidate to beat Begich

On July 16,  my husband and I, who are extremely interested in all things political, attended the Republican Senate candidates’ debate at Land’s End.   

Any chance we have to learn more about the candidates who want to represent us in Congress is an opportunity we won’t pass up. In this year’s primary we are, more than anything, looking for that candidate we feel has the best  chance of replacing Mark Begich. Mark may be a good guy in his personal life, but he ascribes to a political philosophy we cannot and will never support. 

We came away from that debate knowing that our candidate is Dan Sullivan.   

All three candidates, Sullivan, Mead Treadwell and Joe Miller are intelligent and articulate; they’re well versed on all of those issues Alaska conservatives value. 

So, what’s the difference?  Dan is (and always will be) a Marine. He can be tough. He has worked in Washington, D.C., in the State Department as an assistant secretary of state. He has held positions within state government. In each case he has come away with a full understanding of those  entities and how they work. He is a lawyer so understands fully our justice system. He has a proven ability to bring people together to solve problems.

His manner is one of thoughtfulness, thoroughness and toughness and he demonstrates an inner confidence that also allows for good grace and humor.  

When you add those qualifications to a political philosophy that values hard work and recognizes the exceptional nature of our nation and when you are willing to admit that we cannot continue on our current downward trajectory,  one which endangers our country and limits our freedoms, then you must conclude that our current Democrat senator should be replaced. Dan Sullivan is the perfect choice to do so. 

Roni Overway