Taxes pay for life-saving practices

Third installment of why I love this country and why I love paying taxes: The department of fire and life safety.
As owner of a small business I have had my share of frustrating encounters trying to get the appropriate permits to conduct my business. I’ve shaken my fists, written a few angry emails and even contacted legislators.
However, I am very much thankful to this government agency for ensuring that public buildings in our state (and across the country) meet safety standards. It’s easy to take for granted when you take your family to the movies and sit down with your popcorn that there are smoke alarms installed, working fire extinguishers on hand and a plan for evacuation. The rugged individualist will love to argue that I’m too soft, expecting the “government” to keep me safe. “Let the market decide. If hundreds perish in a movie theater fire, don’t go to that movie theater.” No thank you.
I know that the stability and sense of public safety this agency promotes is good for business as well. My taxes pay for that and I consider it money well spent.
Susannah Webster