Thank you, Rotary Club

Recently we had a friend visit from Rotary Club of Downtown Homer to drop off some holiday treats for teens at the R.E.C. Room and to check in on what young people are needing right now. I mentioned that we’re getting short on taxi vouchers which help alleviate the stress that transportation can cause for those who cannot drive, are low on funds, do not have their own car, or could just use some help from time to time accessing programs, appointments, meetings, job interviews or whatever comes up in the busy lives of teens.

Within two days Rotary Club of Downtown Homer hand delivered a $100 check so our youth program can purchase cab vouchers for teens.

And with the awesome Homer Coordinated Transportation CARTS program housed at Independent Living Center, that $100 will turn into $200 worth of vouchers to help young people in need.

Thank you, Rotary Club of Downtown Homer, for constantly keeping an eye out to help teens in Homer. Your generosity makes a difference.

Anna Meredith

Youth health education program manager

KBFPC’s R.E.C. Room