Truth: We owe it to each other

Truth: We owe it to each other

The truth to every lie will always come to light no matter how long it takes. I found, in my youth, that it became embarrassing to admit to the stories I would tell. Realizing this, it became apparent that the truth was something that could not be denied.

I have one expectation, in dealing with my fellow man: that is to tell me the truth. This seems to be so very difficult for us to do. The truth shall set you free. One lie begets another and they will come crashing down like a house of cards.

When one is known for not being truthful they lose trust. Trust is something that has to be earned.

Truth in word and deed will result in respect, trust and personal integrity. These are three important aspects for one to be in harmony with the world and your peers.

It is far harder to promulgate a lie than to simply tell the truth. Be forthright, honest, and you can’t go wrong.

Jim Mikesell