Way to peace: forgiveness

The word “hate” should never be spoken lightly. Hate is the most powerful negative force in the universe. If we are to seek peace in the world, the word hate must be removed from the mind.
The only way to attain peace is forgiveness. To forgive is one of man’s most difficult and noble quests. When evil is done unto you, forgive them for they know not what they do. Evil will be destroyed when it is not returned in kind. If one is not at peace one cannot grow nor improve the condition of oneself or mankind.
To rise above the painful experiences one encounters in their lives and to strive for a peaceful existence with our fellow man is within us all. The world has had much pain inflicted upon its populace. War and the struggles we have had to endure have been caused by the few. Please do not let the evil of the few stop the search for peace from within. Heal yourself and help heal the world.
Jim Mikesell