Philip “Flip” LaFramboise

Philip “Flip” LaFramboise

Jan. 3, 1942 – Aug. 29, 2017

Philip “Flip” LaFramboise, 75, died on Aug. 29, 2017. He left this world for the arms of Jesus, his family said.

Born to parents, who didn’t realize where babies came from, Flip was number four in a long line of 17 kids. Growing up in a big family had its challenges, but the friendships he had with his siblings outweighed them all. His life was filled to the brim with family, having had kids of his own and numerous nieces, nephews and cousins.

Flip loved electronics, food, poker, and his wife. You could always count on him to have cords he kept from all his devices. If it was a computer from 1972 or a TV from 2012, you would be sure to find it in his garage, neatly put away in his cord box.

Food, on the other hand, was not something to be put in a box or used to keep you alive — it was an event with Flip. He loved food, all kinds, and when he cooked, he would cook enough to feed a family of 19 instead of a family of three. There were weeks we would be eating chicken noodle soup for every meal because, one, you didn’t waste food, and two, he made a 60 quart pot of it. Like with any good function that required food, poker was sure to be on the docket with Flip, especially with his sister Diann and his brother Marcel. They would lighten the pockets of any poor soul who was willing to sit down to a game.

What he loved most of all though, was his wife, Linda. They did everything together and were each other’s best friend. They had 28 years of wedded bliss with a few hard times thrown in to keep them humble.

Flip’s battle with cancer was swift, partly because of the kind he had and partly because he refused to go to the doctors like everyone told him too. He lived a long 75 years on this earth, that felt all too short in the end. He will be greatly missed by many and leaves a void that no one else could fill. We look forward to seeing him again someday soon, but until then, we’ll keep his memory alive and well at the poker table.