Point of View: 6 words to define democracy

What words would you use?

Last Saturday, at Concert on the Lawn, Kenai Peninsula Votes (KPV) and the League of Women Voters of the Kenai, teamed up and asked people what six words they would use when asked, “Why does Democracy and voting matter?”

Now, not everyone used six words, but what they all had to say was important.

It was interesting to watch these people reflect on their answer (and they all took their time). On one occasion, someone stood there thinking for 3-4 minutes, then left, and about 10 minutes later returned to write their six words.

As you read through these original thoughts about Democracy and Voting, you may find some you like and some you don’t, but by reading them, you are looking at a variety of viewpoints.

Try this exercise at home. Ask a family member or a friend what six words they would choose to describe Democracy and Voting. This is an engaging exercise for all ages to talk about the subject.

6 Words about Why Democracy and Voting Matter:

(These were the exact words and punctuation used)

“So, you have your own voice”

“Because that’s the path to our future”

“Democracy flourishes with your vote”

“Because the Alternative is horror and death”

“Voting is a privilege for all Americans”

“Democracy equals equality”

“Without Democracy and voting…. then there’s chaos which leads to dictatorship!”

“The next generation”

“Voting is Choice”

“You want to be heard? VOTE!”

“We all need to pitch in”

“Because otherwise Roe vs. Wade gets overturned”

“All Voices Rock—Vote!”

“Voting is a right”

“Why complain when you could VOTE?”

“Don’t Vote? Don’t Bitch!”

“We the people choose our leaders”

“The future depends on it”

“Because it’s who we are as Americans”

“Participate in the best we’ve got, make it better, and transform the system”

“Defend Democracy — it’s under threat!”

“Voting: the single most important way your voice is heard”

“Be positive when you vote”

“Democracy matters because it reflects the will of the citizens!”

“Because it’s better than anything else out there!”

Our next election is on Aug. 16. It will be an open primary election as well as a ranked choice voting election for Don Young’s seat.

For more information on upcoming elections, go to https://www.elections.alaska.gov/

Your voice, your vote, you count! (six words)

Alex Koplin is a founding member of Kenai Peninsula Votes, a local voting advocacy group.