Where to find voter pamphlets

Be educated on what you are voting on

Do you have your voter pamphlet for the Oct. 3 borough/city elections? If you want it, you got to go and get it.

Voting is not as simple as checking a box or two. It takes effort. That is partly why our city and borough elections have low voter turnout. This week, KPV is informing people about how to prepare for this upcoming election and more specifically, about how to find the voter pamphlet, which we feel is essential in preparing you for this Oct. 3 election.

First, make sure you have access to the voter pamphlet. This year it will not be mailed to you. There are many ways to find it. If you want a physical copy, you will have to request it by phone: 907-714-2160 or email: https://www.kpb.us/assembly-clerk.

It is also available at the Borough Clerk’s Office, all city clerks’ offices and the Borough’s annex offices in Seward and Homer. For people with a computer, the easiest way to get it is to go to https://www.kpb.us/assembly-clerk/elections/election-seats and on that page click on the voter pamphlet.

Bottom line: If you want access to a voter pamphlet you need to go get it.

Next, don’t be a stranger to the voter pamphlet. If you made the effort to get it, we hope you read it. If you are voting nerds like KPV we read it from cover to cover, but at least read the portion of the pamphlet that applies to you. Make sure to see the sample ballot you will be voting on. As a poll worker, I often heard comments such as I didn’t know that I was voting on this, or I thought I was supposed to be able to vote on this.

Bottom line: Voting takes effort.

What if I don’t want to make the effort? Bottom line: you guessed it — Vote when you are ready to. Voting is a civic duty, but it is not mandatory. KPV believes that everyone who can vote should vote, but also realizes that it is a process and a journey. You vote when you are ready, not when someone tells you to.

Bottom line: Do your homework and research what you are voting on.

To learn more about your city elections, here are resources to help you:

Information about the Borough elections and the voter pamphlet link: https://www.kpb.us/assembly-clerk/elections/election-seats and scroll down to voter pamphlet. Phone number: 907-714-2160

Information about City of Homer elections: https://www.cityofhomer-ak.gov/cityclerk/2023-candidacy-filing. Phone number: 907-235-3130

Information about City of Soldotna elections: https://www.soldotna.org/departments/city-clerk/elections/election-information. Phone number: 907-262-9107

Information about City of Seldovia elections: https://www.cityofseldovia.com/elections. Phone number: 907-234-7643

Information about City of Kenai elections: https://www.kenai.city/clerk/page/election-information. Phone number: 907-283-8231

Information about City of Seward elections: https://www.cityofseward.us/community/residents/voting-elections. Phone number: 907-224-4046

Information about the City of Kachemak elections: https://sites.google.com/kachemak.city/kachemak/home. Phone number: 907-235-8897

KPV is a resource too. To help find information contact us at: kenaipeninsulavotes@gmail.com.

Remember your voice counts and your vote matters!

Kenai Peninsula Votes is a group of citizens that provides (nonpartisan) voter education. We don’t care who you vote for; vote, and just as importantly be educated on what you are voting on.