Boys post win against Kodiak

After a series of losses, the Mariners boys’ soccer team proved they were still a force to be reckoned with as the boys scored a 4-0 win against Kodiak on Tuesday.

Freshmen Charles Rohr hit the ground running scoring a goal in the first half with an assist from Ren Carroll, a junior. The mo- mentum Rohr began in the first half only grew in the second.

Continuing what Rohr start- ed, senior Flynn Bloom went on to score another two unassisted goals, in the second half. Kodiak was unable to slow Bloom down, who went on to assist Quinn Alward, a junior, in scoring the fourth and final goal of the game.

“We looked good tonight. We kept the pressure on them, kept taking shots,” Coach Warren Waldorf said following the game, “The team is paying attention to goal scoring opportunities, or cre- ating their own. I’m seeing a lot of improvement.

As for who has scored the most goals this season; that title is so far held by senior Kenneth Schneider, who has scored a total of five goals this season. Schneider was unable to play in Tuesday’s game because of a injury. Schneider had scored a goal in the Mariners game against Nikiski on Saturday. Dawson Roberts, a junior, also scored in that game for a 2-0 win.

These wins proved motivational for the team, after hav- ing lost to Grace Christian School last Friday. The team was unable to score a single goal, and Grace Christian took away the game, leaving the Mariners behind with a 1-0 loss.

However, despite Schneider’s injury and the team’s loss, Coach Waldorf sees a lot of promise in the team, and has faith they are ready take on their next opponents as re- gion competition draws near.

“You know we still have two more games to play. … They’re big games. But you know we’ve been working hard,

playing hard. I think the team is ready for the challenge,” he said.

This week the team will face its last two opponents in the season before Regions begin. On Wednesday the team was scheduled to play Soldotna High for the second time this season. The outcome of that game was unknown by presstime.

Soldotna High will make for a tough challenge for the boys team. Currently holding nine wins this season, Soldotna is trailing behind only Colony. The last time the Mariners played Soldotna resulted in a 3-0 loss for the var- sity team.

Friday the team faces Seward for the first time this sea- son. The results of theses games will determine the Mariners rank in region competion.

Fermin martinez is a freelance writer living in homer.