Huskies wrap up ski season Saturday at Boroughs in Kenai

The Homer Huskies traveled to the Tsalteshi Trails at Skyview High School for the Soldotna Classic Invite on Feb 22.
“The skiers were pumped up to put their classic technique to the test after weeks of refining their skills. Guest instructors including Kenton Bloom, Allison O’Hara, Cynthia Morelli and Carlin Rauch have worked with the team all season on classic skiing. While it was blowing and nasty in Homer, conditions were perfect up the road for a race. Coach Pete Alexson nailed the waxing for the conditions,” according to a press release.
The Huskies wrap up their season on Saturday when they travel to Kenai for Boroughs.

Soldotna Classic Invite
Homer individual results seventh grade girls, field of 13
Mia Alexson, 2nd ; 18:26
Sarah Wolf, 4th; 19:27
Libby Fabich 10th; 24:27
Mystique Ross 12th; 25:27
Seventh grade boys, field of 26
Charles Rhor 3rd; 18:08
Denver Waclowski 6th; 19:59
Joshua Wisner 7th; 20:29
Landon Bunting 9th; 21:06
Jacob Marquardt 12th; 21:57
Ben Kettle 13th; 22:06
Jay-Mason Davis 14th; 22:21
Eighth grade girls, field of 13
Desi Cleary 2nd; 21:34
Audrey Russell 5th; 22:18
Haley Knott 6th place; 22:21
Audrey Rosencrans 7th; 22:59
Samantha Jacobson 9th; 24:12

Eighth grade boys, field of 13
Hoxie Parks 3rd; 20:43
Tadgh Sholz 6th; 22:04
Zane Boyer 10th: 22:51
Eric Super 11th;26:04
Sam Nielson 12th; 27:27
Sage Elkington 13th; 28:36
Sixth grader girls, field of 3
Katia Holmes 1st; 20:57
Sixth grade boys field of 3
Caleb Rauch 1st: 21:19

Ski A Thon successful
The Homer Middle School Husky ski team had a successful “Ski A Thon” last Sunday.
Several local skiers saw how much fun the young skiers were having and donated on the spot, said Coach Alan Parks.
Team Ski Husky skied a total of 359.1 kilometers during the event.
Individual kilometers skied: 27k, Charles Rohr; 21.6k, Ben Kettle, Mia Alexson, Denver Waclawski, Katia Holmes and Sarah Wolf; 18.9k, Noah Duncan, Jay Mason, Jacob Davis, Ella Parks and Zane Boyer; 16.2k, Landon Bunting; 13.5k, Hoxie Parks and Chris Lynn; 10.8k, Caleb Rauch, Paloma Ramirez and Mystique Ross; 8.1k, Henry Russell, Libby Fabich, Tadhg Sholz, Sam Nielson, Samantha Jacobson and Audrey Rosencrans; and 5.4k, Haley Knott.
“On behalf of the Husky team we would like to thank the support of the parents and coaches and fantastic food provided by Two Sisters Bakery,” said Parks.